No-Knead Focaccia

Posted by Megan | Bread, Misc

Will and I broke out of our comfort zone. Instead of making Irish Soda Bread or Naan, we have now made Focaccia!! It was a recipe that required some overnight planning, but all things considered, our first attempt came out pretty well. We figured we should start with a fairly simple recipe, so we chose a no-knead one from Budget Bytes. After a few attempts of getting the right water to flour portions, Will finally got the dough ready to sit in the fridge overnight.

If you want your kitchen to smoke…make s’mores bars in your oven! I mean, we actually end up with a smoking oven kinda frequently, leaving me with the job of fanning the smoke detector right outside our kitchen (who puts a smoke detector next to the kitchen?!?!?!). Tonight, though, it was expected since we were making s’mores in the oven! It’s super simple to make and tastes pretty darn good. Just mix melted butter (call me Paula), a sugar cookie mix, and crushed graham crackers (we used a pie crust) together and bake for about 20 minutes. then sprinkle milk chocolate chips on top until they start melting, then spread them. Then set the oven on broil and move your top rack up close to the heat. *Keep a close eye on your bars* while you toast the marshmallows. We left the door open and Will had to rotate the pan several times to get an even toast. Me? I just stood fanning the smoke detector when the time came.

Will and I are trying to grocery shop less times during the week in order to save a few bucks and to monitor what goes in and out of the fridge more. We’ve been pretty well stocked on meats and veggies, so we have been attempting to shop only on Saturday and Sunday, and not again during the week. This is actually simple to do, as long as you plan correctly. We have had two successful weeks and are about to embark on our third! Will sent me an e-mail full of Budget Bytes recipes to chose from so we could figure out what to eat this week. After making our selections, we decided what to make for dinner tonight and went to do our shopping.

Shock shock, we made more naan bread! And Indian food! I know, you just fell out of your chair because you are so stunned!

Will put me entirely in charge of this meal. We already had naan bread that I had made, leftover from some naan bread pizzas earlier in the week. All I had to do was make rice and a sauce (Will grilled the chicken, even though I totally could have handled it). So I went to my trusty Jasmine Yellow Rice recipe (see previous post) and Will suggested trying a quick chick peas recipe from Budget Bytes. He had made the chick peas over the weekend (we’ve decided to go canless on our bean products) and wanted to see them in action other than in hummus. So I accepted his challenge and set to work.

If you want to have a heart attack and die, then this recipe is for you. I’ve got a newfound love of Pinterest (what 20-something girl doesn’t?) and one Saturday night Will and I were feeling like splurging on something really unhealthy. We came up with this as a result:

These are brownies with Oreos in them. Yup, you heard and saw correctly. We chose mint Oreos and a pack of Ghirardelli brownies (that apparently had dark chocolate chips in them). Like I said, we were feeling bad. The recipe itself was fairly simple. Make brownies, scoop some mixture into a muffin tin, put an Oreo in, and plop some more mixture on top. Bake and voila! Heaven.

I’ve recently decided to start making some easy breakfast foods, based on recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. I first made some of my mom’s chocolate chip cookie muffins (delish), some  Eat Me Delicious: Snickerdoodle Muffins (good, but crumbly), and these veggie fritattas. These are good and hearty, but do shrink up once they’re out of the oven! We definitely cooked them longer than the recipe called for and they still didn’t seem fully done. They’re best mixed with grits (we had some left over from a shrimp and grits recipe that Will made).

Once we made our first batch of naan bread, we got confident. Superconfident. We were excited to make it again and searched Budget Bytes for another recipe with it. Of course there was one ready and waiting, so we jumped right in.

Naan bread pizza. Pure genius. I was in charge of the naan again, a task I was much more prepared for. Will was in charge of cutting things up, while I observed and tested my skills on some of the veggies. We were pretty hungry the first time we made these, though, so Will did most of the cutting since I tend to slow things down a lot. We used a variety of colored peppers and other veggies, but as far as the sauce went, we stuck with the peanut butter, hoisin, ginger, sriracha mix. Yes you heard me, sriracha. Applied carefully, it can be delicious and not too scary. Carefully being the key word in that last sentence.

When Will first told me he wanted to make naan bread, I thought he was being overzealous and showoffy. However, I have since discovered that naan bread, while it appears fancy and complicated to make, is fairly simple. Once again, we turned to our favorite food website, Budget Bytes, to delve into the world of breadmaking. My experience is limited to Irish Soda Bread, so naan bread was going to be a different feast. Will decided that ISB and naan would be the same type of thing to make, so he put me in charge of this experiment. I instinctively put him in charge as chief flour operator. Breadmaking requires teamwork because once your hands get sticky from the dough, it’s disastrous to try to stick your hand back in your flour container. You will be seeing lumps of that bread in there for awhile if you do that.

This is a recipe Will’s mom made at Christmas that she discovered on Pinterest. Needless to say, this is one of the most delicious things you could ever eat and one of the easiest things to take for a party! We’ve snacked on it at home and we’ve taken it to party’s where it’s been a huge hit. Either way, it’s simple and delicious!