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Soooo the semester definitely started and got CRAZY in the last month. But never fear, Will has been teaching me how to cook (as well as starting to teach me how to speak Arabic)! I’m going to add some photos of things we’ve made over the past few weeks and I’ll separate them out by adventure. Not only has Will been teaching me how to cook things, I’ve been showing him how I whip up some exciting baked goods, in the oven (most recipes now courtesy of Pinterest).

Sadly, I’ve realized I have not been keeping track of all the delicious things we’ve eaten the last few weeks, but hopefully we’ll be making those recipes again soon so I can share them with my oh-so-large community of bloggers (aka, just my mom).

And for the most part, our latest recipes have come from either Budget Bytes or Pinterest. I swear Will might marry the woman who created Budget Bytes if he ever met her, because her recipes are genius!! He promises me though that if he ever met her, it would never work because that’d be too many cooks in the kitchen! Hah!

Sooo grab a drink and take a peek inside our kitchen. And despite a very full semester, I plan to be better about updating this because let’s face it. Will’s a damn good cook and the world needs to see that.

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