I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and research this week, so I didn’t get a chance to post about the dinner I made Sunday night! I made a set of stuffed green peppers (only requiring half the recipe) and it turned out to be quite the filling meal. In the process of preparing the food, I learned that I should not try to chop green peppers and onions in the food processor at the same time. Why you might ask? Because a green pepper is full of water and onions are not, so when you combine them, you get more of a mushy consistency as opposed to the chopped sensation you were going for. This is only a problem when you are trying to saute the onions, because you can’t tell how it’s going since they are more much then onion.

The British are coming! Well….sort of. Homemade English Muffins definitely arrived in our kitchen today though! Will finally decided he was feeling bold enough to make the English muffin recipe from Budget Bytes and I was going to assist. Well, then our internet died right when we were going to start making the muffins, so I revved up my phone and Will went upstairs to reboot the internet. By the time he had come back downstairs, I had already gotten the muffin dough in a ball and was ready to cover it for its first rise! Oopsies!

Tonight, Will picked some recipes that were a little more complicated than usual, so he called me in for the assist! He had consulted our dear friend Beth at Budget Bytes (we don’t actually know her but we love her) and we were preparing ourselves for an Indian feast of naan bread, coconut lentils, and Indian style creamed spinach. We teamed up for the naan bread (per usual) and then Will put me in charge of the lentils, the easier of the two dishes (thank goodness). So I took a cup of red lentils, a half a clove of chopped garlic, some tumeric, salt, a half can of coconut milk, and water, put it all in a pot, and boiled it. Twenty minutes and a few stirs later, my portion of dinner was ready.

My birthday was last week and my mother sent me a couple easy cookbooks to try recipes from, since we all know I’m still pretty new at this. One was recipes with only five ingredients and the other was a crockpot cookbook for five ingredients or less. Well, now that I’ve got Sunday nights mostly under control, Will has decided there are other nights I should cook. Since the public schools were out this week, I didn’t have to teach yesterday (Tuesday), so I took it upon myself to make dinner. I consulted my new crockpot cookbook since I knew I’d be home in the middle of the day and then out and about for some errands, then back again for dinner. Using the crockpot seemed logical so I picked out an intriguing recipe called Polska Kielbasa with Beer ‘n Onions. We had everything except the sausages on hand, so I figured it couldn’t be so hard.

Saturday night we had some friends over for some traditional Irish fare. I made Irish Soda Bread and Guinness Cake and Will made a beef, barley and potato stew. These are all things we have made before with increasing success, so there’s not much to say other than it was good!

Now last night was a different story. I got brave. Real brave. I made a parmesan tilapia dish that I found on Pinterest, green beans, and couscous. Now what made this venture so exciting was timing. I had to create the tomato and garlic sauce and get it simmering for fifteen minutes. At the same time, I also had to boil water for my green beans and some macaroni pasta I needed for making macaroni salad after dinner. So I had one pan going with simmering sauce, two pots boiling water, and one pan sitting at the ready for the tilapia. While this was all going on, I had to make bread crumbs from bread Will and I had made earlier in the day (read: just buy the can of premade bread crumbs, do not try creating your own), plus finish thawing the tilapia in warm water, and then prep it in the flour and egg before dipping it in the bread crumb mixture. Oh yeah, did I mention I had sauce simmering that kept trying to boil? Oh and then my pots of water started boiling at different times, so I had three timers going (at this point I realized I should have just made the pasta later). A timer goes off! What’s done? The sauce! Not good since it was supposed to coincide with the timing of the tilapia being done. And oh by the way, the tilapia’s not even floured yet.

This was a potential disaster that ended up being a HUGE success! Tonight, we made kale mozzarella tomato pizza from scratch, including the dough. Will mixed the dough up last night and we let it sit in a bowl to rise for the last day. He admitted to me earlier tonight that he might have accidentally put an extra 1/2 cup of water in the mixture and while I played it cool, I was internally freaking out that he had messed everything up.

Last night, we made a grilled pesto chicken recipe. It was fairly simple to make and the only ingredients were chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto! Will made the pesto from our basil plant (almost ending its life by using so many leaves) and I cooked the chicken on our grill press. It was my first time using the press and I have to say, I understand why Will uses it so much! It certainly expedites the process of cooking chicken.

We made this slow cooker potato soup before we ventured to California for a week and I just remembered to blog about it! This one was pretty straightforward because the slow cooker did 95% of the work for us-basically just put everything in the slow cooker and let it sit for eight hours. While we enjoyed this recipe, we felt like we might be eating it at the wrong time of year, since it has already warmed up here in Florida. We would have probably felt more suited for eating this on an early February evening, but either way, it’s still simple and filling.

And now we’re on an avocado kick (courtesy of Aunt Marty, the many avocado farms we saw in Ojai, and grandma’s avocado tree in the backyard)! For starters, today we made an avocado lime chicken salad to have for lunch this week. Yes it is as good as it sounds. Then we put avocado in our salads tonight. But best of all, we put avocado on our homemade falafel 🙂

Tonight, instead of making dinner, I made the preamble to dinner: the appetizer. Beth from Budget Bytes posted a sriracha hummus recipe a couple days ago that I just could not wait to try, so I made it today. It was like making normal hummus (chick peas, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, paprika, salt, olive oil, and tahini) but with a tablespoon worth of sriracha. Let’s just say, if you like a little kick to your appetizers, this will hit the spot. She recommends 2 tbsp’s of sriracha, but we stuck with one and it was plenty spicy and delicious. Just snack away with some plain pita chips and a glass of wine and life is good!