As our other “bigger” meal of the week (meaning it’s fed us more than once) we made one of our favorite Budget Bytes recipes-Teriyaki Meatball Bowls. While the recipe looks intimidating, it’s really not complicated, just involves careful timing. This time, we actually didn’t have enough soy sauce to put into the glaze, but it still turned out perfectly and it was kind of nice that it wasn’t overly salty. We also refrigerated it and ate it for two nights, and while the glaze isn’t as thick the second day, the flavor is just as satisfying. I prepped the meatballs for this one (including chopping up our green onions, which appear to be on steroids this week) and did the glaze, while Will handled the rice.

I’m really addicted to Luna bars, specifically of the chocolate peppermint stick variety. However, these Luna bars run about $1/bar, which adds up in the household budget, especially since only I enjoy them (although Will sneaks in a few bites of these “women’s” bars occasionally). They are definitely worth the price, but we figured we should try to find a flavorful protein snack that both of us can enjoy and snack on before heading off to the gym. Will did some research and ended up finding these energy snacks on a recommendation from Budget Bytes Facebook page. Since they were no bake and the only ingredients we didn’t have on hand were the nut butter and shredded coconut, we figured it might be worth a shot.

Last week we made a divine black bean salad from Pinterest. We wanted to make it again this week, but with some adaptations. This time around we messed with some of the portion sizes (less beans, different corn, way less sugar and less olive oil) and added quinoa. I even cut up the orange bell pepper for this weeks variation AND we used our first homegrown tiny green pepper! The pictures below do not show the salad in its completion, because it does need an avocado to go along with it. What Will and I have been doing is splitting an avocado in half each day we eat this and each taking a half in our lunch. It cuts down the costs of the avocados (currently on sale at Earthfare for a bag of three) and its helps keep the avocado green by cutting it up each day! This salad feels fresh everyday and its smell is intoxicating from the second you open the container you brought it in. We highly recommend it because a little bit can be filling due to the avocado and we’re expecting that to increase with the addition of quinoa as well.

We have been craving one of our favorite dishes, a sweet potato and chorizo enchilada, for some time now. So after a little weekend getaway and a bit of kayaking in the rain, a spicy, hearty dinner seemed to be in order to top off the weekend. To make the meal even more enticing, we made a Mexican grilled corn recipe that I found on Pinterest, that we have been putting off trying all week. After getting everything ready to go, it became a matter of timing because both the corn and enchiladas had to go in the oven at about the same temperature, but for different amounts of time. However, nothing was incredibly challenging about this meal and the best part was there was hardly any clean-up! Another perk is that we get to enjoy the enchiladas a couple more nights 🙂

We quiched.

And since it’s been awhile, we don’t remember exactly how we quiched. But we remember that we combined a couple recipes and loved it. So instead of trying to summarize what we did, I happened to take a lot of pictures that day to keep track, so I’ll post those along with the recipes we (kind of) combined. But we know it definitely involved zucchini, cherry tomatoes, green onions, corn, turkey bacon, spinach, feta, parmesan, monterey jack, milk and eggs. We’re not sure why there’s cilantro in one of the pictures…

A couple months ago we finally made this recipe that Will had been wanting to try for awhile-a chili lime pork loin. He kept seeing it on Budget Bytes and we finally bit the bullet to make it! We remember it was fairly good, but not as impressive as we had been hoping. Here is the recipe for the pork as well as the fries we made to accompany it, which are always a hit. We have made them so many times to accompany a variety of dishes, and they never disappoint!

Tonight we made an absolutely phenomenal dinner. I mean, most dinners we make are pretty delicious and/or fantastic, but this one really tops the charts. We know it’s summer and you don’t usually want to make soups or chowders this time of year, but we are so glad we did. We bought a cookbook a couple weeks ago at Ten Thousand Villages, called Simply in Season. This cookbook breaks down recipes by what produce is available during each of the four seasons, as well as including tidbits about the stories of the recipes and how to select and prepare all the produce it includes. There is a wide variety of recipes ranging from your common summer fruits and veggies to your most obscure winter produce.

I’m going to do some “make-up” blogs to account for all the meals I meant to document over the last couple months and well…didn’t. I’m starting with an easy one (leaving this as the final post of the night) based on a recipe from Budget Bytes. We recall finding this recipe simple to make, but were not overly thrilled with the flavors. I believe we later adapted it to include basil, thus balancing out the parsley flavor a bit more. I also think this recipe is what convinced us to add a parsley plant to our herb collection!

Will and I started going to a Farmer’s Market about a month ago and I’ve got to say, it’s really transformed our cooking lives. With the option to buy food that has been locally grown by farmers from Florida and Georgia, it’s just too good to pass up. We even bought a cookbook that has recipes based on foods by season. When you live in North Florida and are about 30 minutes from the Georgia border, you get spoiled by these little delights called Georgia peaches. And man do they get better by the week! I was never a peach person until a couple years ago and I have to say, I am thankful that I started eating them so I could enjoy recipes like this one! This is just a simple way to enjoy your (Georgia) peaches as a dessert.

So obviously it’s been awhile since I last posted! That’s not because we haven’t been cooking, let me assure you! Life got busy with end of the semester stuff, a new kitty, and a trip to Paris. But now that things have settled down, I’m going to do my best to regain my footing on blogging here. The primary reason for this is not because I’m necessarily learning anymore (I actually make dinner several nights a week now, all by myself!), but rather that Will and I would like to keep as honest of a log as possible of what we make. Because we make a lot of good recipes and if we document it, we’re hoping it will help us remember better than when we open a cookbook and go “ohhhh that’s really good-we haven’t had it in awhile!”