We’ll be out of town for the next week, so there will not be any new cooking blog posts. See you when we get back!

We have been on a Louisiana food kick the past couple of days. We had a Groupon that we used yesterday to go to a local restaurant called Po’ Boys Creole Cafe, where we dined on a Meat and Potato Po’ Boy, a Shrimp Po’ Boy, and most impressively, a Gator Po’ Boy. We got the half servings of each of these and between the two of us, polished them off. It was a convenient way to enjoy a local place and try this southern specialty.

Will made an oopsies this week. He forgot to make our lunch for the week on Sunday. And then forgot again Monday. And then again Tuesday. After buying me lunch on Wednesday to make up for forgetting, he finally made our salad for the week Wednesday night. It was another new recipe from his new food website, Food 52. We have had barley on hand for awhile and we typically use it for soup. However, we were a little quinoa-ed and couscous-ed out for the moment, so I said, “hey, do we have any barley salad recipes?” The answer was no, but Will found one on the new website to try. It was pretty on par with our other weekly salad recipes in that it involved a grain, some veggies, and some fresh herbs. We have been very pleased with it and the best news is, we’ll have some around for lunch this week before we leave on our giant East Coast trip (crossing through or stopping in 8 states over the course of 6 days)!

No recipe, just wanted to share a shot of our delicious brunch of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and peanut butter cinnamon toast on English muffins 🙂



We have been seeing a lot of corn at the farmer’s market recently. A lot of corn. Since we’ve been seeing a lot and only rarely buying some, we decided it was time to find a recipe that called for a few ears of corn. So we found this chowder recipe that called for 6 and that satisfied our craving! As an added bonus to making this delicious, fresh meal that lasted several nights, we were also able to share its inaugural experience with our friend Noemi, who we were having over for dinner since she was back in town for a few days. It was nice to share our farmer’s market fare with someone other than each other, plus the company couldn’tve been better 🙂

A week ago today, I started this blog post. Clearly I’m on top of my game because I’m just now getting around to finishing typing out all the recipes. Oh well-here’s what I had to say when I made this:

I did not plan this right. I thought I would be getting home from work in enough time to get this dinner going and still making it to our Salsa class at 6:45. Whoopsies!! However, despite my uh-oh, we still made it to Swing class at 7:30 AND got to enjoy this flavorful dinner. And despite having been adamantly taking photos of our dinners to add to the blog after getting my computer back from repair, this dinner made me so frazzled I forgot! I apologize for that, but I can promise you it looked appetizing (despite my having burned some of the coconut rice in my mild frenzy).

Will is adorable. When I told him I was going to make a blueberry coffee cake, he quizzed me on how the coffee gets in there whether it be by using the grounds or pouring brewed coffee into the batter recipe. Poor boy didn’t realize that coffee cake typically is made sans coffee, but instead to go with coffee. Needless to say, this has not been a bad discovery for him. We have been enjoying this coffee cake every morning this week and it has that nice sugar flavor, but with the anchoring healthy flavor of blueberries. Seeing this recipe was actually one of the reasons I so desperately wanted to buy the Simply in Season cookbook. We had been buying a lot of blueberries and while I know they’re good for you, I was getting a bit burned out of yogurt, granola and blueberries. So when I saw this recipe, I knew it would be a good way to still be eating blueberries (albeit not the absolute healthiest), but without the everyday humdrum of yogurt and granola.

Will found a new food blog/website that he likes. We are not forsaking Budget Bytes or avoiding our go-to cookbook, Simply in Season. We’re just…adding variety. Like buying a new spice (which ironically, we finally caved and bought allspice this week…so much new variety!) We had promised ourselves that we would pick recipes for the week from our giant binder of recipes we’ve collected over the past couple years, from homemade favorites to mom’s best dishes to copies of fancy recipes from library cookbooks. But alas, we forgot about that and during the week Will had discovered this enticing new website called Food 52. He started showing me the fancy sounding, yet healthy and simple foods, on the site and I was sold. The first recipes he offered up were a lentil and yogurt dinner as well as a corn chowder. Needless to say, both made it on the docket for dinner this week.

We have this friend named JJ Kuchan. He’s a pretty cool kid who plays trumpet, is from Arizona, and thrives on being completely inappropriate at all the right times, while being a total gentlemen as his alter ego. Needless to say, he’s one of our dear friends from undergrad and when a silly joke comes up, we think of him fondly.

To make life simple this week, we made two big recipes, one of which was a turkey meatball and marinara sauce pasta. We usually try to avoid having that much pasta, but this marinara sauce is so good it’s hard to resist. We made this on Monday and were still eating some of it for lunch on Thursday, so it certainly will last! We even had to make some shell pasta because we were running out of our noodles.