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Originally, I had started this blog to share what the kitchen skills Will was teaching me over the course of a year. At the beginning, I was pretty much unable to cut anything “properly” or make a pot of pasta without freaking out that I was doing it wrong. However, in the last nine months, I have “mastered” some of these skills and not necessarily shared that on here. Instead, I have discovered this is a great way for Will and I to document the recipes we try and enjoy, and to share with our friends and family along the way. Our kitchen has turned from a place where Will cooks and I bake, exclusively, to a shared space where we enjoy creating food together. Thus, why it was time to change the name of the blog, with the hope that we will continue to experiment in our kitchen, together, and to share that with everyone else “out there” in cyberspace beyond the year 2012.

While “Cooking With Will 2012: A Year of Learning to Cook With My Fiance” has been outgrown, I hope your interest in the blog has not. Welcome to “Cooking With Willis,” the not-so-new and maybe only slightly improved recipe and cooking tips blog from inside our kitchen!

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