Chicken Piccatta

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This dinner was the dinner that almost wasn’t made. The first night we attempted it, Will opened the chicken and it smelled like rotten eggs! So obviously we had to return it and ended up getting Chinese takeout instead. Then, the second time we attempted to make it was a Friday evening, but we ended up going to a potluck. Then we tried to make it Saturday night, but that just didn’t happen. Finally, we succeeded by making it on Sunday night and now we have no idea why we put it off so long! Even though I thought the recipe looked complicated, Will ended up having it ready in no time, which was fantastic. It ended up being the perfect size meal and the capers gave the dish a nice salty flavor. We are now out of capers, but have finally started to take a liking to them, so they may show up again!

We had a bunch of leftover potatoes sitting around that we wanted to use up before heading out for Thanksgiving, so we looked up some creative ways to eat potatoes that didn’t involve mashing them or putting them in a skillet. They were smaller potatoes, so we don’t make baked potatoes, but the thought did cross my mind to look up potato bread recipes. Well of course there were some on Pinterest and the one that looked the most intriguing was an Irish potato bread recipe that appeared to be some form of soda bread with potatoes. So I figured I’d give it a shot and it was a good idea to try it! I love making soda bread because it’s really simple (it doesn’t involve much kneading and no rise time), so a potato version of soda bread sounded brilliant to me. This turned out excellently and provided us with some bread to go with our dinners as well as a snack while we were on the road Tuesday evening!

Betsy discovered some exciting new fall cocktail recipes when she went to the fantastic wine/beer/liquor store in Little Rock last week. She liked them so much when she tried them in the store that she bought all the ingredients to share them with us. We were all very glad because the recipes involved liquers that we had never even heard of, much less tried, and the cocktail we ended up making was fabulous. I think everyone particularly enjoyed the allspice dram because despite being strong, it gave such a fall flavor to what we were drinking.

Somehow after such a huge meal, we all still manage to force ourselves to choke down some dessert. With this variety, that wasn’t a huge challenge, other than our horrible stomachaches that followed. But we enjoyed the standard Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, an apple tart, and a new recipe-maple pecan pie bars, instead of a pecan pie. All were quite tasty and I have to say that I’ve been enjoying the gooey pecan pie bars while working on my blog posts this morning, along with the butter rolls! Out of everything that we made on Thanksgiving, I think these recipes are the most likely to pop up some other time in the year.

We all are aware that Thanksgiving can be a very carb-happy holiday and this year was no exception for our family! My mother earned the nicknames “Martha Stewart” and “Paula Deen” for her kickass table arrangement as well as her constant reminder to “just use more butter” in recipes! Anyways, her famous butter rolls made their annual appearance and were a hit, even though they burned a little bit on the bottom. This year, instead of just contributing mashed potatoes, Will saw a sweet potato gratin recipe on my Pinterest page and decided he would attempt that. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and we look forward to having an opportunity to make it again. So we all definitely filled up on carbs for Thanksgiving, but man was it worth it! Plus, there is nothing better than a chilled butter roll first thing in the morning the day after Thanksgiving.

I figure that most people have their own ways of doing what I consider the “regulars” of Thanksgiving-the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. But I figured we would include what we were doing this year, because it switches depending on who the main cook is. Plus it can be fun to see what others do and I would love to hear how you all prepare your Thanksgiving feasts, so please-throw me some ideas in the comments section!

I know that turkey and stuffing are the makings of Thanksgiving, but my favorite part has always been the casseroles. As a kid (and adult), casseroles are rare occurrences throughout the year, so they are part of what makes Thanksgiving so special. I have been in charge of making the broccoli casserole for the last several years and it’s one of my favorite dishes to indulge in every Thanksgiving. I mean, what’s not to love? Velveeta and butter Ritz crackers, melted over some broccoli. I don’t understand how you couldn’t love it.┬áThis corn casserole is also something else and has worked its way onto our Thanksgiving table for the last several years.

Keep in mind, these recipes count as our “vegetables” this Thanksgiving. The only thing that looks mildly like a vegetable by the time it made it to the table was the kale, which is why Will purposely made it. Somehow the corn and broccoli didn’t count ­čśë

Welcome to my slew of Thanksgiving Day blog posts! I need to introduce you to the players, since there are more people than usual in the kitchen! Will and I have travelled to Arkansas to enjoy Thanksgiving with his parents, my mother, and Will’s dogs. Will’s mom is Betsy, my mother is Kay, Will’s dad is Jim, and the two puppers are Lucy and Zoey. Will, Besty, Kay and myself are the ones primarily in the kitchen, but occasionally the puppers and Jim join us for the fun!

I’ve been slacking just a teeny bit on my blogging recently, which by that I mean I haven’t been bombarding your newsfeed or Pinterest with new recipes every day. That’s not because they aren’t sitting in my queue-I just haven’t had a chance to get them ready to post in a timely manner because I have so much else to do. Plus, with Thanksgiving coming up, I know that the blog is going to get overloaded with Thanksgiving deliciousness, so I figured I’d pace it a little more leading up to the biggest food event of the year.

This may not be the prettiest dish ever, but it sure is good! This one had a lot of punch to it flavor-wise and was able to feed us for several days. This chicken lime soup is another great budget-saver from┬áBudget Bytes┬áthat Will has been wanting to make for awhile, so he finally put it on the weekly menu while I was gone last weekend. I’m glad he did because our schedule got hairy this week and it was nice to have something ready to go in a pinch!