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On most Saturday afternoons, after we’ve run our errands, I’ve gone to yoga, and we’ve most likely gone on a bike ride, we like to come home and enjoy some Moroccan mint tea. This was a staple for Will when he studied abroad there in 2009 and is something he has recreated numerous times for me. We even have the special little tea glasses in order to enjoy it properly. If you have fresh mint growing in your herb garden, I highly recommend trying this tea because it is extremely fragrant with the crushed mint and the gunpowder tea gives it a nice caffeine boost.

Cooking Notes: Will typically just throws all the ingredients in the kettle to brew the tea, which turns out pretty good. However, I will include the instructions from the cookbook so that way you can see all the steps he should be taking.

Moroccan Mint Tea (adapted from The Food of Morocco; serves 2)
1 bunch of fresh mint
2 tsp Chinese gunpowder green tea
2 tbsp white sugar, or to taste

Cut the ends of the mint stalks leaving leafy sprigs. Wash well, shake dry and roll in a tea towel (dish towel) to absorb excess moisture. Alternatively, dry mint in a salad spinner.

Rinse a 4 cup teapot with boiling water, add the tea and a little boiling water, swirl briefly, let it settle, then carefully pour out the water to remove any tea dust. Half-fill the pot with boiling water. Take a handful of the spearmint sprigs, crush lightly in the hand and add to the pot. Add more crushed mint sprigs until the pot is 3/4 full. Add the sugar and fill the pot with boiling water. Let the tea brew for 3 minutes.

Pour out a glass of tea and pour back into the pot. Repeat, twice more to mix the tea and to dissolve the sugar. Serve the tea in tea glasses, pouring it from a height to aerate the tea. Add an uncrushed mint sprig to each glass. Pictured with apricot preserves from La Maison de Lucy

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