This meal was so good we’ve already made it twice! And while it was that good, I must admit the reason we made it two times in such quick succession is because I forgot to take photos the first time. I blame Will for presenting it to me the first night with a glass of wine in our front patio area during sunset. AKA a romantic dinner set-up instead of the normal “Will, stand out of the way while I turn on all the lights and take 20 pictures of our dinner while you’re starving.” Because you know, that’s what dinner is like at everyone’s house, right?

We made this particular tabouleh recipe a couple weeks ago for an Aziza! potluck and needless to say, it was a huge hit. We have experimented with a variety of tabouleh recipes in the past, never quite finding the exact one we prefer. We’ve been spoiled to have been exposed to and tried many tabouleh recipes in our lifetime, many being prepared by people who are from or have lived in the Middle East. Yet, somehow we’ve never been able to produce our own version that’s quite up to par. At least, not until now!

This recipe reminded me so much of our Stuffed Acorn Squash, yet slightly simpler! Once upon a time, I was not a huge of sweet potatoes because I thought they just weren’t as good as regular potatoes. The Irishwoman in me likes my potatoes plain and simple, preferably mashed with butter and occasionally cheese. However, Will has been introducing other potato options into my life, most frequently the little red potatoes, which he roasts and covers with fresh herbs and they’re divine.

This recipe was originally called “Irish Coffee Brownies,” but mine turned out more like a cake, so I renamed it to more accurately reflect what we ate: a light, fluffy, whiskey-strong flavored delight! We were having dinner at Courtney’s a couple weeks ago and since she was making a whole EF chicken for us, I figured the least we could do was bring wine and dessert. So I scoured my Pinterest page and offered her a few options for desserts, including these brownies. She didn’t even look at the recipes, but immediately declared that Irish Coffee Brownies were what she wanted. When I got home from work, all I had to pick up was instant coffee crystals and the dessert was under way!

The inspiration for this dinner was that we had lots of leftover veggies from the Farmer’s Market the week prior and though we had been eating/snacking on them, we needed to use them up in one big meal. Will wanted to do something Thai because we now have a Thai basil plant that we’ve barely used and the leaves were getting quite large. We also have a decent size container of Thai garlic chili paste and lots of other Thai-friendly ingredients on hand, which makes it easy to throw a dish together. Plus, Will’s just creative in the kitchen.

I’ve had these pictures sitting around for awhile because I thought this meal didn’t include any new recipes when we made it. However, I was mistaken because I did discover that I’ve never blogged about dal nirvana, which was surprising since we make it frequently! I will call this my “Monday Mashup” because it involves a smattering of our favorite Indian recipes, all in one meal. We indulged on homemade Naan bread, Dal Nirvana, Coconut Lentils, Creamed Spinach, and Chickpeas in Coconut Milk. And while that sounds like a ton, if you portion it over several days between two people, it can last you a very long time! Will worked very hard to have all of this prepared and I wanted to share what a typical “non-blogging” night is like in our house, aka when we aren’t making something new so I can share it with you all! So if you love Indian food and want a homemade feast, the following recipes go beautifully together. I have included all the recipes, even if some are duplicates from previous blog posts, to make it easier to understand.

As I just began typing up this recipe, I didn’t realize how simple it actually was. I know slow cooker recipes tend to seem simple because you usually just throw everything into the pot, but sometimes they have more preparation work than you may imagine. However, in this case, I assumed this recipe was more complicated because of the flavor it was bursting with by the time we ate it, over and over for several dinners/lunches. But while typing up the recipe and running it by Will, I realized this fantastic meal was really as simple as 1-2-3. Chop a few things, toss it all in, slow cook it for several hours, then enjoy it for several days. Quite honestly, the homemade naan bread was the hardest part, (which Will has long-since perfected) and if you really wanted, you could just buy it. What could be better?

Yes, you read that right. Quinoa and mac n’ cheese join forces in this recipe. Now, the Pinterest post to the blog where I was then linked to the recipe said this recipe is super low on calories. That’s pretty great if you’re counting, but if you’re like Will and I who just eat healthier foods and stay active each day, you probably don’t care so much about the 200 or 300 some-odd calories in this dish. However, if you watch those numbers, then congrats–this is probably one of the few recipes I’ve declared healthy and can actually prove it because of the people who’ve posted about it before!

Will and I make a molasses cookie recipe (which I’ve somehow never posted about?) that is pretty amazing and I came home the other night to discover he had turned it into ice cream! Will absolutely loves the molasses cookies, so I’m not surprised he made the ice cream, especially since it’s been a long time since we’ve made the cookies. Anyways, if you’re not a huge molasses fan, this might be a recipe to skip out on or adjust according to your preferences, because 2 tbsp may be more than you realize! this ice cream was like nothing I’ve ever had before and tasted just like the cookies, but obviously in a more melty way. I do warn though that the flavors can be strong! If you’re like Will, you may love that, but if you’re more like me, you might enjoy it but opt for smaller portions. Works well for me because less ice cream is always a good thing!

Sometimes I decide I’m going to make dinner. And sometimes I don’t fully think through what I’m making until I’m in the process of making it. And sometimes that means I make a side dish for dinner and Will has to come to the rescue! However, whether or not this was intended to be a side dish, it was quite good and extremely simple to make. The reason I tried it was because I had some vermicelli left over from the Chicken Sausage Pilaf and figured I should use it in another recipe. What I didn’t plan for was the vermicelli taking forever to break up into tiny pieces-what a pain! So I gave up on that because my butter was almost burning, so I needed to get the rice/onion/vermicelli in quickly. Anywho, from there it was pretty smooth sailing. I think this would also be a good dish to have as a side to a simple chicken recipe, like Chicken Piccatta or Honey Balsamic Chicken.