Oof! Packing is tough and time consuming stuff! Everything in my life (blogging, running, thinking) has been abandoned as we’ve been packing our truck over the last few days. However, with it taking off to our new location today, I am taking a moment to refocus! And part of the refocusing is to finish this post about chorizo & polenta that has been sitting in my queue for a week. Now that our entire kitchen is packed up, I’m missing good home cooked meals like this one. Even though it was a bit of a “use what’s in the kitchen” dinner, it was successful. But I mean, let’s be honest–when is chorizo not successful?

Have you ever left your dinner on the stovetop and then forgot to put it in the fridge, on accident? Or have you left take-out or pizza sitting on the counter overnight? Isn’t it one of the most disappointing things you can do? We sadly did that with this recipe, cheating ourselves out of at least one more night’s food. And what a shame that was-this dish surprised us with how flavorful it ended up being! The canned pineapple added a sweetness to the rice and black beans, that really popped. I only wish that we had fresh cilantro, because then I think that would have really complimented the flavor spectrum perfectly. Ultimately, we had saved some of the pineapple juice, so we got to use it in a food mashup a few nights later (that wasn’t quite worth blogging about), so at least that turned out okay. Anyways, this is pretty easy and if you’re on a super tight budget, is a great option!

I really have no idea what I would do without my Cuisinart Electric Hand Mixer. Like, I actually don’t know what I would do without it. As much as I look forward to (hopefully) getting my KitchenAid stand mixer when we get married, I still love my electric hand mixer more than any other tool in the kitchen. I’m supersad that it has to get packed up this week to go on the truck, not to be seen again until we’re unpacked in Williamsburg! Le sigh.

I hope you all are enjoying the updated layout of the blog! I think it will make it easier to navigate and find recipes, as well as looking sleeker overall. Between managing my two blogs, making a website for my music “company” (aka just me teaching and playing), and being on the advisory committee for our wedding website, I’m all up on my online design skills at the moment. Or something like that.

Anyways, besides updating the blog, I also have put out a request for some guest posters in the upcoming weeks! I would LOVE to hear from you with recipes and pictures, since we’ll be on the road with our move. Just shoot me a message over on the Facebook page with a brief description, recipe, and photo and I would love to post it!

This recipe begins our “pre-move kitchen clean-out” phase, which you will benefit from over the course of this week! We are trying to get rid of anything in our freezer (which is never that much), most refrigerated items that we can (other than some standards), and most importantly, our large supply of bulk foods. In order to do this, we’re turning to lots of recipes from Budget Bytes (who recently updated her website!), to inspire us to come up with creative ways to use up stuff. This recipe was pretty easy for Will to imagine up, since we’ve made things like this before. He had purchased some meats at an EarthFare meat sale last week, so this was the best way to use up the chicken. The rest of the ingredients are things we usually have on hand AND it helped us get rid of our red lentils (and jasmine rice). This made enough for dinner and we’ve been enjoying the leftovers for lunch throughout the weekend. Not too spicy, but not plain chicken either. We only wish we had made naan bread to go with it!

Even though I haven’t posted in about a week, I’m thinking that a post with the word bacon in it, will be ignored. My normal chatter will not suffice against the mighty meat that is bacon. So I will get straight to the point here. We had breakfast for dinner on Monday night, when I returned home from Virginia, and Will had spoiled us to the beautiful fresh-from-the-case bacon at EarthFare because they were having a meat sale. However, despite our enjoyment of the tender, flavorful bacon, Will decided to swipe two pieces to leave behind for dinner on Tuesday. I wasn’t quite sure why he did this, but I figured he had a reason. Well his reason turned out to be that he was going to add it to our pesto mixture! I’m glad he did because the bacon gave a smoky, salty flavor to the non-creamy pesto, which was awesome.


DSC_1306Sweet sweet summertime is here and it will be enhanced by our ice cream maker! I’m starting to be convinced that every time we make a new ice cream flavor, we think it’s the best one yet. This week was no exception! I had bought Torani Hazelnut Syrup a few months ago, but it’s just been sitting in our cupboard. Will wanted to make ice cream and we didn’t have a ton of “fun” ingredients on hand, so I suggested unburying the syrup to try it out. He came up with the idea to make it a chocolate ice cream, which we kind of ad-libbed on our own. The result? A creamy, lightly flavored hazelnut chocolate ice cream! It would have only been better if we had had Nutella to melt and then swirl in at the end, but maybe next time, after we move and aren’t just trying to clear our cupboards completely!