These little boogers are delish. And what fun they are to try! I don’t think I ever thought I would make donuts at home and here they are. My mother in law got me the mini muffin pans as a shower gift back in October, after I wanted to try this recipe in September. Now, almost 3 months later, I’ve finally gotten around to making them! But they were worth the wait. Nice and dense, these little poppers fill you up really quickly, so you don’t have the urge to overindulge. I probably could have put more icing on them, but that would be the only thing I would change. I would maybe even make them smaller, believe it or not! But overall, the rich chocolate-y flavor was spot on, just like a chocolate glazed donut you would get at a donut shop. And baking donuts is always a slightly “healthier” option for getting your donuts made (hah), so you can feel “good” about these! They basically are like glorified mini muffins covered in glaze, with a hint of donut appeal. But they impress people and have got me curious to make some of Sally’s other donut recipes as well as getting real donut-shaped pans and trying some more classic shaped donuts! Who knows – maybe even one day I’ll get into frying them!

Om nom nom. This is the best thing ever. My mom’s friend Becky had this for the bridal shower she threw me, primarily to use the last of her dill for the season, straight from her garden. It was such a hit that it had me (and the band moms) clamoring for the recipe, to the point where she had to distribute it to everyone who came to the party! My friends, this recipe is just THAT great. I’m sure at this point in my blog, you’re a little jaded with my declaration that every recipe we make is good, great, fantastic, etc. I’ve just gotten to the point where if a recipe isn’t good, I don’t need to blog about it. We have enough things produced in our kitchen that I have a plethora to talk about and am already almost a month behind anyways! But the problem is, most of what we make turns out really well, which is why I get on my soap box and declare that these foods are the best thing ever. Now this recipe in particular? It actually is the best thing ever. Believe me on this one!

These are so good they neeeeded their own post. My official holiday “hit” recipe and are probably my favorite holiday recipe, ever. I just love love LOVE these pecan pie bars. The perfect combination of sweet brown sugar and maple syrup combined with the natural saltiness of pecans and the coarse sea salt, is just heaven in a pan. And while I’ve blogged about theseĀ before, I felt like they really deserved their own post. I’ve been making them a lot recently for Thanksgiving potlucks and for Thanksgiving themselves. They’ve already been special-requested again at work for the Christmas party and if you ever try them, you’ll know why. These are drool-worthy, melt-in-your-mouthgood bars. They’re good chilled, they’re good at room temperature, they’re good by themselves, and they’re good with whipped cream. In summary, they’re actually better than good…they’re fantastic! I implore you to try this recipe and see for yourself. Don’t be afraid because they’re pecans and you maybe don’t like that nut or pecan pie. These are a league all to themselves.

We love cooking Moroccan food. No surprise there, right? We particularly enjoy creating opportunities to cook in our tagine, which was the original plan for this dinner. We were especially excited to make this dish because it was our pilot recipe forĀ preserved lemons. I’ve never eaten a preserved lemon before and Will had never cooked with one and we didn’t know exactly what to expect, considering we had preserved them ourselves – also a first. Basically, the only not-new thing we were doing with this recipe was using the tagine…which we ultimately didn’t do. Whoops! Instead, Will threw the recipe into one of our new Calphalon pans, since it didn’t need to cook for too long. Plus, our tagine wasn’t going to be *quite* big enough to handle all the chicken. In the long run, the recipe ended up being successful and we really enjoyed the flavor of the preserved lemons – they added a pop to the rest of the ingredients!