You all have seen me request it on Facebook, but now I’m going to formally and politely make this request on the blog itself. If you ever have a delicious recipe that you think others would like, please feel free to share it with CWW! We love to feature friends, family and others on the blog, with the creative and enticing recipes you come up with! I try not to troll people that I know too often, by stalking their Facebook or Instagram posts for intriguing photos of food they’ve made. But know that when you’re posting food, I’m probably watching! So instead of making me creepily invite you to do a guest post, please feel free to share what you’ve made with CWW and be a featured guest blogger!

This is probably my new favorite recipe. What is better than ooey gooey delicious goat cheese? Answer: nothing. I don’t care that I used half the wrong pasta, I don’t care that it wasn’t cooked the best and I don’t care that maybe my spinach wasn’t thawed enough. Ooey. Gooey. Goat cheese. That’s all that matter with this recipe. It’s absolutely heavenly! I will say that after a couple days in the fridge, it starts to clump up a bit, but I blame the Orecchiette for that, not the rest of the ingredients (it’s a weird little pasta). But clumping or not, I still enjoyed this pasta every time I ate it. Oh so good. And the best part? I made it all by myself, while Will was gone! Now I know that pasta is one of the easier things to make, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be proud of myself, right?

It’s odd cooking for myself. I can make two recipes last the entire week…weird. Maybe I’m too simple of a person that when I enjoy eating something, I enjoy it over and over and over again. Or maybe I’m just the laidback and less invested in food than I think I am. Either way, it’s been a learning experience so far, about how to cook for one. It can be…challenging. I’m not great at cutting portion sizes on recipes and I don’t think they ever turn out correctly when you try to reduce/double a recipe. I’d rather just leave it as it’s intended and have lots leftover! That totally ended up being the case for this dinner and I kept eating this for over a week, sometimes for lunch and dinner. I’m not sure I buy 8-10 serving sizes…. I think I had it last even longer than that! Haha!

Vanilla FroYo

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Once upon a time, I looked in the refrigerator and saw I had a an unopened tub of yogurt. When I check the date, I saw it expired in five days, which was not nearly enough time for me to work my way through a huge container! As a result, the best idea I could come up with was to throw it all in my ice cream maker and make a frozen yogurt! While not the most creative ice cream flavor (i.e. relying on the flavor of the yogurt), it got the trick done and has provided a sweet treat for me to enjoy. The process was simple enough for me and I enjoyed the ease of tossing the entire container with a couple other ingredients, into the machine to use it up. What I particularly enjoyed was the creaminess of the froyo – sometimes when you get it out, it can be so sugary and empty, but this was extra creamy since it was Greek-yogurt based. While it may not be my favorite frozen treat ever, it certainly is fun to open the freezer and find it in there, ready and waiting to be eaten. I’m enjoying using different toppings to jazz it up and treat myself! It’s the perfect little dessert to keep handy in the freezer.

It’s the weekend! Hooray! And it’s a holiday weekend too, which is the best kind of weekend. I’m excited because my mom is coming down to spend the weekend in Williamsburg and we’re going to do fun things like horseback ride, shop, get our nails done and maybe even hit up Busch Gardens. It can’t get much better than that! She’s fitting me into her busy schedule between her 40th college reunion last weekend and before she jets overseas on a trip to Germany next week (and the Czech Republic? I can’t even keep up anymore!). Her visit also kicks off my surprisingly busy summer weekends – between visiting people, having people visit, work events and the last few rounds of yoga teacher training, I don’t have a weekend free until July! But oh well, that’s what will make it fun!

The time has finally come to when I have run out of “Will” recipes. You are now stuck with whatever I’m making in the kitchen, which will inevitably be less creative, bold and experimental. This recipe is the perfect “starter” one for the extent of my creativity – hah! However, what it lacks in imagination, it makes up for in practicality. While Will is gone, you will get to experience what I feel like is a little bit more average for the kitchen of a 20-something. Sorry Will, but you’re just too good of a cook for someone our age! Know that we recognize some of the impracticalities of recipes we cook, if you’re not as into cooking as Will is – trust us, we’re aware!

 Hoorah! My first official gluten-free post! I am not a gluten-free person by choice or by health, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued to try trendy recipes centered around a lack of gluten. After making some tasty, yet very ugly, GF brownie cookies a month ago, I decided I would dive in again with some GF peanut butter cookies. The reason? The Higher Ed picnic, for which I also made the Cinnamon Roll Blondies and the Salted Caramel Cheesecake Dip. Why for the picnic? Because I knew there was at least one girl in Will’s program that was GF and I figured why leave her out of the fun? Plus this was a recipe that a coworker had shared and I’d been wanting to make anyways, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. So I stumbled over to Averie Cooks, a blog that I had seen pop up here and there, and decided to give these puppies a shot. If they turned out awful, then that just meant our one friend was SOL and the others could enjoyed the blondies or the dip. Seemed like a reasonable compromise to me.

Coq Au Vin

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Yesterday, I made six different things in the kitchen. Yes, six! Ice cream, a lunch recipe, two batches of cookies, hummus and my dinner. And what I realized is that I really needed to catch up on my blogging if I was going to get around to sharing all of them, since four of them were new recipes! So today, I present you with a super-fancy sounding dish that you’ve definitely heard of: Coq Au Vin. It’s a French chicken dish and I feel it’s appropriate to be blogging about it, since I’m about to begin taking French language classes again next week, for the duration of the summer term. I love French culture, food and language, so I am looking forward to taking the language to work towards achieving my lifelong dream of being able to speak French to some degree of fluency. I primarily am pushing myself through the intensive summer classes because it’s our slow season at work and because there won’t be many other chances in my future to take classes at no cost, so I’m trying to put my credit hours towards good use. Will and I hope to travel internationally quite a bit in our future, so I want to proficient enough in French to feel comfortable interacting overseas. Even though English is common, I’d prefer to know French as well, to open up more opportunities in future travel. Thus, the push this summer to pick it back up and learn even more!

Well doesn’t that recipe title sound healthy! I know what you’re thinking….ewwwww tofu. Well guess what! It’s not that ew and it’s not the main feature of this recipe. For me, the chive-y, miso-y soba noodles were the best and most important part. Oh the heavenly smothered noodles, covered in their delightfully perfect sauce. Get at me soba noodles. They are 100% my new favorite obsession. While Will made this in the weeks before he left, I made another kickass soba noodle recipe the first week he’s been gone that I can’t wait to share with you. But for now, I give you this one. Once you get over the “ew” of the tofu, you may find yourself “ew-ing” at the radishes. Newsflash: they’re actually kind of tasty. And crunchy. Now how fun is that? They don’t have a ton of flavor, but they add a nice crunch factor to the meal as well as some fun color. So don’t avoid this just because you’ve never eaten a radish and have never enjoyed tofu. Live a little.

I made this, all by myself! Mostly by myself. Primarily by myself. Will chopped the onions for me, which I so totally could’ve done with my onion chopper, DUH. Either way, the rest of it I did myself. And it turned out pretty well! It was just the confidence I needed before Will left me for Italy – to be able to cook a meal from beginning to end, entirely by myself, in a timely manner. Is that really so much for a girl to ask? Either way, this one turned out beautifully and was quite the scrumptious meal – definitely put it to the top of your “need to make ASAP” list. Anything smothered in cheese is delicious, obviously, but what I really loved about it was the corn kernels. Over this summer, I imagine you will discover what a corn-lover I am. Plain corn, sweet corn, doesn’t matter to me – I love the little kernels. When I studied abroad in Ireland, for some reason they put corn in everything – tuna salad, on pizza, etc. So I trusted the people of my heritage and started tossing sweet corn kernels on a bunch of meals. Guess what? It works! When I saw Beth had it in this recipe, I knew I’d love it. That little tiny crunch of kernel when you’re eating a gooey pasta, just topped it off for me.