The time has finally come to when I have run out of “Will” recipes. You are now stuck with whatever I’m making in the kitchen, which will inevitably be less creative, bold and experimental. This recipe is the perfect “starter” one for the extent of my creativity – hah! However, what it lacks in imagination, it makes up for in practicality. While Will is gone, you will get to experience what I feel like is a little bit more average for the kitchen of a 20-something. Sorry Will, but you’re just too good of a cook for someone our age! Know that we recognize some of the impracticalities of recipes we cook, if you’re not as into cooking as Will is – trust us, we’re aware!

So you’ve heard me say it once and you’ll hear me say it again – I love corn. And like I’ve talked about before, my love of corn from childhood was regained when I studied aboard in Ireland. Specifically, the first place I noticed corn in an unusual context was in a tuna sandwich I got for lunch one day – it had corn in it and at that moment, I decided it was the best. thing. ever. I was so excited I even took a picture (I’ll spare you the hideous photography…I’ve come a long way since then). And since then, I’ve been adding it whenever I’m feeling lazy and whipping up a can of tuna for lunch. Will thinks it’s weird, I think it’s genius. But neither of us can deny that it makes a tuna sandwich a little more exciting!

Anyways, I’m rambling quite a bit about some tuna and some corn. Essentially, I took my tuna corn mixture and beefed it up a bit, with some celery (standard friend of tuna) and some thyme from the garden. Why thyme? Ours is super overgrown and was starting to flower, so I was trying to figure out a way to use it. Thankfully, it worked. The other option was dill, but I figured between Becky’s Chicken Salad and Will’s Ham Salad, I’d spare you all a lunch salad with dill. Anywho, here’s a quick, easy, super simple recipe you can make whenever you’d like!



Loaded Tuna Salad (serves 6)
2 cans Starkist tuna in water, juice drained (and given to your kitties!)
1 1/2 tbsp mayo
2 celery stalks, diced finely
1/4 cup sweet corn, cooked and drained
1 sprig thyme, destemmed
Salt, to taste

Begin by draining the tuna juice out of your cans – if you have cats, make sure to give this to them as a treat! If you don’t, well that’s just sad. I guess you can pour it down the sink. Place tuna in a medium or large bowl, adding mayo and mixing until well combined. Adjust the amount of mayo, based on your preferences of creaminess – I like mine just mixed, without drowning in mayo. Add diced celery, cooked and drained sweet corn kernels and thyme leaves. Continue mixing until all ingredients are well blended. Add salt, to taste, and serve on a bed of lettuce or Wasa crackers. Enjoy!

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