Summer Shandy

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Have you been outside recently? It’s gorgeous. Fall is very clearly in the air and I’m so excited! I figured I needed to throw some of my last summer recipes up on the blog, before September sneaks away and summer is officially completely over. Most people who know me, know I’m not the biggest fan of summer, so I’m not exactly sad to say good-bye to hot days and humid weather. Nights like tonight, with the windows open and the bugs quietly humming, while the occasional cool breeze blows in, are absolute perfection.

While we say goodbye to summer, it doesn’t mean all good things have to come to an end. This drink recipe is technically called a “summer” recipe, but really, it would do in any season. I stumbled across this when looking for a beverage recipe for my best friend’s bridal shower back in August, which was themed around her honeymoon in St. Lucia. (She is actually currently on that honeymoon, having gotten married this past weekend…Amanda, I hope you’re enjoying all the shandy’s that you can!!) I fell in love with the simplicity and sweet/tartness of this drink. After testing a couple different recipes and even using a “summer shandy” beer, I have determined that this one is the most appealing to me. The mix of a good hefeweizen and some slightly sweet lemonade, is my recommendation for this one. So mix it up, relax and enjoy!

Well this was heaven for a few days. That only makes it appropriate for this recipe to be the one we share to celebrate our 400th post. Yes, FOUR  HUNDREDTH. That’s a lot of recipes, friends! But seriously, this is the recipe to end all recipes. I could never share another recipe on this blog again and abandon the whole thing and be satisfied knowing that we left you with the absolute best recipe possible. But despite how limited time feels and increasingly busier work becomes, this shouldn’t be the last post, satisfying as it may be. 400 posts is a lot of time, dedication and cooking, when you think about it. That’s a lot of meal planning and grocery shopping. I wonder how many people try making at least 400 recipes in a lifetime? It’s kind of crazy to think about – we’ve been tracking what Will makes and what I bake on the blog for almost three years, so to have that volume is kind of unbelievable. And to think – there’s plenty of recipes that we missed out on blogging about! Reflecting back, it doesn’t surprise me that some of the recipes on the “remake for new photos” list never get done…Will’s desire to try something new is always pushing us forward, no matter how much we may enjoy a dish.

Yes, this is another summer squash recipe. We eat a lot of it, what can I say?!?! It only seems appropriate to be bidding farewell to the summer with a recipe like this one. We’re continuing our produce box through the fall and are still getting our summer squash and zucchini in it, which we hope will soon give way to acorn and butternut squashes. No matter what, if you’re a local food-supporter like we try to be, you find yourself with a whole bunch of squash and zucchini throughout the summer, so yet another new recipe is always welcome as you try to remain creative and engaged with what you’re cooking. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready for fall foods like we are!

This recipe, my friends, is going to be the one to end them all. We have never made nor tasted a hummus as perfect as this. Will’s discovery of this on Smitten Kitchen was food blog gold. When he first told me he was going to try a new hummus recipe and asked if I would assist in peeling all the chickpeas, you can imagine my reaction: hesitant, annoyed, but also curious. When he backed up his question informing me that it was from Smitten Kitchen, I realized he might be about to make something heavenly. I assisted with peeling all the chickpeas and in the end it was the right decision – that extra five minutes of my life was entirely worth it.


Posted by Megan | Drinks

How is it already September and already Wednesday? I feel like I’ve had five Mondays this week and I even had Monday off! I anticipate my life will just increasingly spiral between now and October 16, which is the first day of Homecoming. So friends, if you’re a W&M alum, please register here and if you’re not a fellow alum, please be patient as I continue to prepare for this HUGE event! Thankfully, I am part of a wonderful three-person team that remains super on top of things, but no matter how good you are at organizing, an event as huge as Homecoming is bound to be a storm. I am beyond excited to be able to present events to my fellow alumni and get to work specifically on the Parade (please come!), part of the Friday Night Block Party, Coffee & Conversation with the President, the Children’s Carnival, Wrenstock, Pregame/Halftime shows, Young Guarde Beer Garden and Alumni Coffee. That sounds like a lot, but it’s only a small part of the many events taking place that weekend. I’m terrified but also crazy pumped for it to get here!

If I’m going to fall off the face of the earth for a bit, I might as well come back with a bang! This recipe is exactly that “bang” quality, but I’ll get to that in a minute. In the last post, I alluded to having been a wee bit busy in the last few weeks, yet at the same time I feel like I’ve had more crazy going on in my life at once that I have recently. However, there’s been a lot of time spent away from home and from cooking, so it’s wonderful to feel grounded back into a routine of some variety. Will started classes last week and really went into full swing on Sept. 1, which has allowed us to actually set some sort of schedule again. All of my work activities are about to kick off with the return of students and the beginning of the academic year, and life will truly be in full swing, particularly between now and mid-October, when the Homecoming storm hits. Preemptive apologies for disappearing the first few weeks of October – I’ll try to prep well.