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How is it already September and already Wednesday? I feel like I’ve had five Mondays this week and I even had Monday off! I anticipate my life will just increasingly spiral between now and October 16, which is the first day of Homecoming. So friends, if you’re a W&M alum, please register here and if you’re not a fellow alum, please be patient as I continue to prepare for this HUGE event! Thankfully, I am part of a wonderful three-person team that remains super on top of things, but no matter how good you are at organizing, an event as huge as Homecoming is bound to be a storm. I am beyond excited to be able to present events to my fellow alumni and get to work specifically on the Parade (please come!), part of the Friday Night Block Party, Coffee & Conversation with the President, the Children’s Carnival, Wrenstock, Pregame/Halftime shows, Young Guarde Beer Garden and Alumni Coffee. That sounds like a lot, but it’s only a small part of the many events taking place that weekend. I’m terrified but also crazy pumped for it to get here!

However, with all that anticipation building up, sometimes I feel like I need a drink like this by about 9 AM. Planning those parts of Homecoming are only part of my job, so you can imagine what a race it is for my entire office from August – October. I also work with the Young Guarde and Student Alumni Council’s, both of which are doing some major overhauls to improve and grow. It’s a very exciting time to be working at the College, but it definitely has morphed into even more than I anticipated. Thus, the desire to imbibe in beverages like this once I get home, is hard to avoid. The Noreaster is a pretty light cocktail and ginger beer may be my favorite cocktail addition ever. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and dry, allowing for maximum enjoyment whilst partaking. A Noreaster is also an all-seasons cocktail because it’s not too summery-sweet or wintery-heavy. It’s just right.

Noreaster (adapted from The Kitchn; serves 1)
2 oz. bourbon (recommended: Woodford Reserve)
1/2 oz. lime juice
1/2 oz. maple syrup
Ginger beer (recommended: Trader Joe’s)

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the bourbon, lime juice and maple syrup. Shake and strain into a rocks glass with ice. Top with ginger beer and enjoy!

Recipe: The Kitchn: Noreaster Cocktail


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