Once upon a time, we had a bunch of random leftover items in our refrigerator. And when that happens, Will usually throws it together and hopes for the best. After unearthing some photos we realized that while this may not be the most exciting or 100% blog-worthy recipe, it sure was pretty and it can serve as an inspiration for when you have a bunch of stuff that needs to be thrown together. Sure, shredded cabbage isn’t that thrilling, but you know what is? Sun-dried tomatoes. Also, chia seeds are the bomb dot com. So I can see where his inspiration for this “salad” came from. Mix it up on your own and definitely toss in some dressing, if you’re feeling inspired by this one.

Remember that time that it was summer? Yeah, me either. But this recipe is an adorable little holdover from that season, which thankfully seems so far away based on the breeze coming through my window. That doesn’t mean I don’t love some fresh summer fruit, though. I may hate the heat but I do love the food that comes with summertime, as you may have noticed. When I got my last batch of blueberries at the end of August, I figured I might as well make something fun with them, instead of just eating them plain or with yogurt. I used my friend Amanda’s cherry muffins as inspiration and tried out my own chocolate chip muffins recipe, simply subbing in the blueberries. It worked like a charm! That being said, I would probably try a more involved blueberry muffin recipe in the future (including the chunky sugar that goes on top, a la Starbucks style), as these were a bit dense and moist for blueberry muffins. However,  the sweetness of the muffin mixed with the ooey-gooey blueberries was simply delightful. These can be frozen for up to one month and honestly, I sometimes enjoy a thawed frozen muffin over a fresh one!

Oh how I love fun desserts! But I mean, who doesn’t love the taste of childhood? There’s something to be said for making desserts that you used to eat, once upon a time before you grew up and mom stopped making them. It doesn’t mean that once you hit adulthood, all hope is lost. It just means that it’s time for you to take on the responsibility of making those timeless desserts that everyone loves. I was inspired by needing to make desserts to take to the annual School of Ed picnic back in August. I had the Hershey’s Kisses Drops recipe sitting in our recipe binder for years and finally decided it was time to do something with it. Never wanting an unbalanced distribution of my love between Hershey’s and Reese’s, I decided to double up and make the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Temptations as well.

BLOG WORLD! Hello, bonjour, ciao, hola! I survived Homecoming and Will has tackled the first part of his most difficult semester of grad school. Our heads are above water and we are now capable of sharing a backlog of recipes, dating all the way back to August (if not July). We figured we needed to reignite the blog if we wanted to update it with our more recent kitchen discoveries (homemade ricotta pancakes for breakfast, anyone?). Will has diligently been cooking and I have been documenting, holding onto everything in preparation for an onslaught of recipes to be shared with you. Despite working 14-16 hour days and both of us being in and out of town, somehow in all that mess, Will found time to continue cooking enticing meals for us that were definitely blog-worthy.

Okay, so I know I announced on Facebook a few weeks ago that we were going to be out of commission until late October, but I stumbled upon this post that only needed an intro paragraph. Since I just polished off a bowl of Indian food, it only seems appropriate to double down and get this out on the world wide web before it gets lost forever. To say we’ve been busy, would be an understatement. We attended two weddings within a week, Will’s been barely keeping his head above water in his classes and I’ve finally reached the home stretch for Homecoming. I’ve tackled three-job days with the addition of the Williamsburg Symphonia, car repairs and vet visits for one of the cats, like it’s no big deal. We’re in the final ten days until Homecoming hits and I’m excited to experience it and then say good-bye until next year! We’re both feeling under the weather but plowing through because we don’t have the time to truly be sick. And amidst it all, beautiful fall weather has arrived and I can only hope it stays around!