Or what this should really be called: A heart attack with a little touch of “healthy” greens. So maybe combining bacon and pasta is a bit gluttonous, but whatever. As long as it’s homemade, it’s better for you, right? Hah! We made this for lunch one week and it was as fantastic when it first came off the stove, as it was three days later reheated in a microwave. The sauciness of the broth mixture is really what keeps this pasta good, in addition to the salty bacon and creamy spinach. We had this for lunch the week after enjoying the Veggie Enchilada Pasta and while both were fantastic, we got a little pasta-d out for our lunches after a couple weeks of these! Either way, this would make a fantastic dinner but it also does really well as a lunch pasta – it gives you something to look forward to in your lunchbox!

Ah, the food subscription box. It gave us a baking pumpkin as a surprise one week and Will was at a total loss what to do with it. Per usual, he went to his faithful cooking blog, The Kitchn, to figure out what to do. While this ultimately was not our favorite recipe ever, I chose to blog about it because a) someone with a pumpkin might be inspired to try it and b) someone could probably figure out some improvements on the recipe. Either way, this recipe has a lot of promise that we did not tap into enough, but perhaps you can! Or maybe our pumpkin was just lacking in personality and with the right pumpkin, this is heavenly. Who knows – that’s for you to tell us! Either way, if you’ve got a pumpkin and you don’t know what to do with it, you could consider giving this a shot to get your creative juices working.

Happy Sunday! Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? We’re finding it hard to imagine as we enjoy a lazy Sunday morning at home, before delving into some baking and pumpkin roasting this afternoon. But knowing that there are only two more days left to work this week (including a preliminary Thanksgiving at Will’s office tomorrow) before we can hit the road with the monsters (the kitties) to relax and catch up on some sleep. And of course the second I type we’re having a lazy Sunday, Emma decides to throw my cup of espresso on the floor. Le sigh. This cat. Anywho, quiet Sunday mornings call for tasty breakfasts! We had some ricotta leftover in the fridge with no intended purpose, so Will went to The Kitchn to see what he could find. Oddly enough, he found a link to “what to do with leftover ricotta” and he hit the jackpot with these pancakes. We don’t often make pancakes (why not, I don’t know) but these were super fluffy and delicious. We would definitely make them again.

Japanese Curry

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What a beautiful fall/winter-ish day! We had the pleasure of breakfasting with our dear friends mother this morning, where we enjoyed brie French toast and fresh coffee (cue drooling now). After she hit the road, we spent the rest of the morning wandering through the beautiful farmer’s market, dog-watching and took a long walk through Colonial Williamsburg with cups of hot cider in hand. We enjoyed all the fresh air and people/dog-watching in our cute little colonial town, especially since the Christmas decor is beginning to hit the doors and markets of the colonial part. We debated buying the supplies to make our own fresh wreath (pinecones, oyster shells, lotus pods, etc.) but passed for today, since we’re about to leave town for Thanksgiving. But it was the perfect morning for a relaxing Williamsburg walk and to rekindle some of the reasons why we love this charming little town.

This squash recipe that will change. your. life. And while I recognize that the statement I just made is fairly dramatic, it doesn’t mean it is not accurate. Will and I eat a lot of squash, in case you’ve never noticed. And as a result, we try what we can to be more creative with it and make it seem better that we eat a lot of squash. Because there’s a certain point you hit when you’re “squashed-out.” And when we made this recipe, we were just about at that point. But something about brown sugar and squash changed our lives and we will never turn back. Sure, the chicken thighs were pretty stellar, but the squash really stole the show on this plate. This combination of recipes are for those we know who are perhaps less adventurous than Will in the kitchen and prefer a more traditional dinner (meat, veggie, starch). So for those of you who think we’re always eating “weird” foods for dinner, here’s your proof that yes, we too, eat “normal” dinners! And you know what? They’re damn good.

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, it only makes sense to share a non-traditional, slightly off-the-wall recipe before the big holiday. We all know how much the CWW team loves the Thanksgiving holiday. While we plan to have a pretty low-key Thanksgiving this year with no new recipe additions, it doesn’t mean we can’t share some fall-appropriate recipes in advance of turkey day. This one in particular might take the cake for being one of the most bizarre Will has made to date. He hasn’t messed around with beets too much, so when we got a bunch in our food subscription box, Will figured he would go out on a limb to find something unusual to make. Well, he did just that with this beet pasta recipe. Not for the food-shy, this pasta is best served fresh and only in company of other adventurous food-lovers. It’s smell can be strong (especially if reheated…) and it’s flavors are bold, but if you’re looking for something pretty and innovative, this is a dish to try.

How is it only Tuesday? Yesterday was probably the longest Monday there ever was and I feel like it should already be Thursday. There is so much change going on at work with the merger, still. Which the continuous change is to be expected, but it’s just difficult when it’s still technically part of my first year on the job. People are finally moving up and moving on, which will cause an even bigger shift than the overall cultural change of the work environment. Departments have moved out and the new ones have yet to move in. Our on-site staff has shrunk from 25 to 11 and will continue to shrink in the forseeable future, before adding new friends to our House. There’s so much going on and it’s hard to keep up!

Zucchini Bread

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Tomorrow we are running our second half marathon. It has kind of snuck up on us, as our training has been lacking, at best. As I sit here and drink lots of water (it’s going to be freezing, so it’ll be easy to get dehydrated) I’m wondering where the time went between when we registered (June) and now (18 hours away from kickoff). We were so confident that we would keep up with a training schedule, despite knowing some of the major hindrances that were coming up in the fall – weddings, Homecoming, travel, etc. But after keeping up with a loose training plan this summer, we each slowly but surely started to fall off track. It’s been disappointing that time has evaporated and we haven’t trained. We know we feel so much better when we run, but the workdays are long and the academic commitments are more challenging than ever. So as we prepare to run in freezing temps tomorrow, all we can do is go in with a good attitude and laugh off whatever the hell is going to happen.

Well doesn’t that sound like the most hipster recipe you’ve ever heard? Where’s the kale?!?!?! Whatever, hate on tofu all you want but the stuff is DELISH. Every time we make a new tofu recipe, we claim it is better than the last. And while I don’t want to say outright that this recipe is better than any other tofu recipes, I will confidently say it is another recipe that is worth a shot. Hipster-sounding ingredients or not, this is a gem. Though I have come to realize that adding even a little bit of peanut butter to a recipe, makes a world of difference as far as flavor is concerned – a good world, in my opinion.

Nothing says fall like cool, crisp mornings, warm days and chilly evenings. The leaves are turning and falling and the food is catching up with the appropriate season. Dishes get warmer, heavier and more filling, as we prep to move into the cold weather season. Needless to say, it’s one of my many favorite reasons to love fall and subsequently, winter. Sweater weather, warm food and lots of baking commence at this time of year and this recipe is one to add to your collection. When we got an acorn squash in of food box, we weren’t quite sure what to do with it other than sit it on the windowsill so it would look pretty and fall-ish. But Will being the good cook he is, decided to look up what to do with one of these things on his go-to food website, The Kitchn. And of course it was there that he found inspiration.