We make a lot of really good recipes on this blog and for the most part, create flavorful, exciting dishes to eat. But every once in awhile we come across a recipe that pushes the boundaries a little bit, that makes us wonder “is it just too much flavor?” This recipe was definitely one that made us question that, so even though we really enjoyed it, after the second night, we weren’t sure we could do a third night! Again, this is a really wonderful recipe and incorporates so many aspects in a dish we like – simple ingredients like rice and lentils, veggies and everyone’s favorite fickle fruit, the avocado. But it can be a bit powerful on the flavor front; my guess is that the tomato sauce is what really puts it over the edge, though the cilantro sauce is a strong contender too. Either way, give this a try, don’t be scared by the really long ingredients list (it’s multiple parts with several overlapping ingredients), and let us know how it turned out! Please leave any suggestions in the comments 🙂

I’m about ready to get all dolled up to go on a mystery date tonight! Will is taking us somewhere to celebrate our birthdays (only 11 days apart!) and despite my best efforts, I don’t think I’ve guessed where we’re going yet. So I’ve been instructed to get dressed up somewhere between casual jeans and work clothes, and that I don’t need to put too much of a “face” on. The suspense is killing me! Will’s also afraid by keeping it a surprise, it’s been built up way too much. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to it!

Gin & Tonic

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We had the distinct pleasure of hosting our friend Dan last week during spring break. I met Dan while I was in grad school in Florida and knew that he and Will would definitely need to become friends. Fast forward a couple years and Dan is also living in Virginia, working towards his DMA in French Horn performance. A brother in the same fraternity as Will and a man with a dry wit, Dan finally came down to Williamsburg to visit the colonial capital and hang out with us and the monsters. Emma took a particular liking to him and I’m still wishing he had taken her back with him…she was forlorn for days after he left. It was fun having him around as we showed off the colonial part of Williamsburg, visited Jamestowne Island (the real original settlement), shared some local brews and old (and new) Virginia food, and were serenaded by Dan on both horn and ukulele. It was nice having someone in town who was not part of our everyday crowd!

There are few things I love more than a simple recipe. I mean sure, it’s fun to watch Will create something in the kitchen that has approximately 1,500 steps to it and takes three hours. But realistically, who has time for that?? If it wasn’t for Will and his interest in cooking, I can guarantee you this little blog wouldn’t exist because I wouldn’t be committing to the majority of recipes he makes! But this recipe is one that’s for everyone – those who like to cook, those who don’t and those who can’t. It includes SIX ingredients total and two preparation tools. Don’t have a food processor? Use a blender. Problem solved. But other than needing something to create the paste, this recipe is about as easy as it can get. And that’s what makes it so wonderful! I promise that anyone can make this. And even better? You can eat it by itself or with some plain pasta noodles. Either is good and quite honestly, this shrimp can hold its own as far as flavor goes. So treat yourself to some fresh shrimp from the counter (not frozen) and enjoy this easy, amazing recipe!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! While this is clearly not a traditional Irish dish, I figured it could count as Irish-ish because of its bright green color – right?? And I ate a lot of peas when I was in Ireland, so that counts too…right?? Anywho, on St. Patrick’s Day, I always reflect on the wonderful summer I spent studying abroad in Ireland as well as marking my parents wedding anniversary. Today would have been 35 years! Hard to believe that it’s been six years since we lost my dad, but St. Patrick’s always makes me smile and think of him – my mother chose to marry him on the holiday because he was a true Irishman through and through, so she wanted to make it easy to remember their anniversary. Too cute, yes?

Whoops, I did it again. I did not update the blog for an entire week – the shame. We were incredibly busy hosting our friend Dan, and then my coworker Leah and I drove up and back to NYC for the big work auction during the second half of the week. There was no time in there to throw up any new blog posts! Between all the social activity in the first half of the week, to the long drive (including a surprise trip in Fairfax for my birthday) on Thursday, to driving alllll over NYC Friday, to the auction Friday night and hanging out with my biffle Levent afterwards, to driving alllll the way back down the East Coast Saturday in the rain, what was a girl to do?

Another day, another new recipe. This one is particularly exciting because it mimics the delicious sofritas recipe from everyone’s favorite “fast-food” chain, Chipotle. I’d even venture to say that in my experience, Lindsay’s recipe is better than what Chipotle has designed. This recipe has more kick to it and you feel better knowing that the tofu hasn’t been sitting out getting soggy for a bit, while people looked it over for other meats. Plus there are few things as wonderful as cotija cheese and homemade guac. You really just can’t beat either. So when I came across this recipe on Pinch of Yum, Will and I immediately moved it to the top of the “to-make” list.  We were so glad we did – not only did it meet the requirement of feeding us for several days, it also was super-duper-deliciously-good. Hands down, we recommend this recipe for everyone who loves Chipotle and/or tofu (or wants to try tofu), to try. Pinch of Yum has never led us wrong (and you should also totally 100% check out their website – they are just the most amazing).

Happy Saturday, friends! And what a sunshiney morning it is. We’re excited to have a fairly relaxing weekend, with only a concert and yoga class on the schedule (both my activities). It gives us plenty of time to clean the apartment to prepare for our friend Dan’s arrival on Monday. Will is officially on spring break and is busy working on…well, he’s busy watching a Spurs game right now, so perhaps some of that thesis work will start later today. Or tomorrow. Or sometime in the next week. But this makes for our second quiet weekend in a row, which is so exciting because it’s such a rare occurrence. We’d probably go out to explore/do something in the area today, but we’re holding off until Dan arrives to do some quintessential Williamsburg-area things that are on our bucket list. Which means it will just be a boring Saturday!

Happy snow day (again) everyone! I’m still thrilled by all the snow we’ve been getting, but I may be the last person left on the East Coast who feels that way. To be honest, I was disappointed by the very light wintry mix/dusting of snow we got last night. I won’t complain about our two-hour delay, but honestly, it wasn’t really worth it.

What a busy week it is going to be, so I wanted to make sure to get something up on the blog before I fell off the face of the earth for a few days! This is the perfect recipe to share because it’s got all the classic CWW traits – international, creative, and only slightly challenging (because of coordination, not the food itself). This recipe is courtesy of the Russian cookbook that Courtney sent us for Christmas, which was of course an exciting surprise. This is the first Russian recipe we’ve tried, since making our borscht. While I visited Russia many years ago, I really enjoyed the food, much to my surprise. So we’re very happy that Courtney found this cookbook, which has a whole variety of exciting recipes to try that seem undeniably, classically Russian. There’s lots of beets, potatoes and dill in our future, each time we crack this book open. So keep an open mind, ignore political issues, and try this straightforward and mouthwatering fish dish!