Banh Mi

Posted by Megan | Asian, Dinner, Global, Vegetarian

We are about to head out of the country for an extended period of time, so I figured it might be worth getting one more post up on the blog before we go! We’ll be doing a short-term study abroad trip in South Africa and will primarily be staying in the Cape Town region, though we will take excursions to other surrounding places. We’re hoping to get some cooking experience while there and obviously plan to blog about that when we return (not that we’ve been super up to date on our blogging…oops). We’ll also be getting to try some famous South African wine, which we’re looking forward too, though that’s probably more of a Megan than Will thing that we’ll be doing. We also are planning to visit lots of historic sites and at least one animal rehab center, as well as getting to see the famous South African penguins. And before you even ask, no we are not planning to go shark diving!

I am spoiled rotten. I think anyone who’s read anything on this blog might agree. But seriously. How many other people out there come home to meals like this on a regular weeknight? I imagine not many. If I didn’t have Will, I’d probably be pretty proud of myself for cooking one or two meals a week, and not just eating frozen food out of a box every night (Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken, I’m lookin’ at you). It seriously takes me a minimum of two hours to make anything in the kitchen (even if it’s easy), so if it were totally up to me, I’d always be cooking my dinner the night before I actually want to consume it – too much effort. But instead my husband is unreal and I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to enjoy gourmet meals on the reg. You also know that not every evening is a three-piece Turkish meal, but often it’s not too far off.