Today it actually got hot in Tacoma. This is surprising because we thought we wouldn’t shed our southeastern upbringings so soon, where 100+ degrees and humidity was the only thing that could qualify as truly “hot.” But today it hit 90 and we are only slightly less whiney than everyone else around here about the whole thing. We did add to our own complaining though, by talking a power walk at lunch, where Will actively tried to walk in the shade to protect his pale skin. But at least our offices are air conditioned, unlike our apartment (which feels fine, by the way). The last time we came close to feeling a temp this warm was…….

Hiiiiiiiiiii again. We’re busy being not busy and it’s been quite a lovely change of pace. We did finally manage to go get my Nutella milkshake  last Friday and went to the zoo on Saturday with just about everyone else in the Tacoma area. We saw baby clouded leopard cubs and lots of other animals, as the zoo celebrated tiger weekend! I finally got around to trying out a yoga studio last night and today we plan to hit up the gym at our university before heading home. You could say we’re settling in nicely, though we don’t really know what to do with ourselves since we have 0 regular commitments once we leave the office, which is highly unusual for us. We also have a TV that came with the apartment, so we’ve been binge-watching TV shows since it’s been…four years since we’ve had a TV? Something like that. We’ve been playing catch-up. But you’re not here to read about our settling in. You’re here to learn about Hummus Crusted Chicken Tenders (yummmmm) and perhaps to hear more about our cross-country expedition! And if you’re not here for either of those….well, can’t help ya much.

Let’s work backwards for the order of our life events that have happened, mentioned in the previous post about Homemade Chorizo & Potato Tacos. So much to catch up on, friends! We mentioned a lot about how much we’re liking Tacoma and we have both officially hit day #4 on our new jobs. Will is very pleased with his decision about the university he selected to work for and I feel very fortunate to also have the position I do on the same campus. We carpool to work and eat lunch together every day, like the disgustingly cute couple we are. Thankfully, we had a W&M Alumni event to attend last night in downtown Seattle (seeing the city emerge from the mountains on the drive in was super cool – hellooooooooo Space Needle) so we could see people other than each other and our handful of colleagues. We played trivia, ran into old friends, and even managed to run into another good friend in the same bar (a W&M alum who didn’t technically attend the same event we did). It was nice to go to Seattle for the first time since we’ve arrived in Washington and to determine it’s not too terribly far away. We look forward to visiting again soon! Oh and this morning on our way to work, Mt. Rainier just appeared. It’s got a habit of just showing up, uninvited, in the skyline, whenever it wants. It’s like “Where’s Waldo” but with a giant mountain.

Greetings from the West Coast! Approximately 1.2 trillion things have happened in our lives since our last post, so please forgive the unfocused oversharing in this post and the ones to come in the next few days. Since we’ve last posted:

  • Will graduated from W&M for the second time, with his master’s this go-round
  • We spent three weeks in South Africa on a study abroad opportunity/vacation
  • Will continued interviewing for jobs all over the country like the badass he is
  • Will got offered a position at a university in Tacoma and accepted
  • Will’s boss sent Megan’s resume around the school and Megan subsequently got interviewed/hired at the same university
  • We packed up our lives and left Virginia on July 1, taking a 10-day road trip across the country (with the cats) and stopped to see several friends along the way
  • We moved in to our new apartment in Tacoma and have spent a week learning our way about and finding all sorts of cool things to do in our new city
  • We have ogled Mount Rainier from afar on the days it unearths itself from the clouds
  • And tomorrow we begin work at our new jobs