We had the best week last week, thus why you got no new recipes, faithful readers. On Wednesday, we went into downtown Seattle to watch the women’s soccer team, Seattle Reign FC, play their second-to-last season game against the Boston Breakers. Their games are right in the Seattle Center, so we had the privilege of getting to watch not only the game, but to see the sun set over the Space Needle as the night went on. The night was a special one at the pitch, too, because it was a celebration of women’s sports in Seattle. They had players from the women’s basketball team, the Seattle Storm, and gave out free scarves that supported both teams, emblazoned “ReignStorm.” Thankfully, we did not have a rainstorm that night, and watched Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo and the rest of their teammates take on and beat the Breakers. We’re excited to return to see them play in their first playoff game in a couple weeks!

We have casually been exploring Tacoma on the weekends through the means of open houses aka looking at homes we are nowhere near able to buy. As Will likes to remind me, our current house-buying budget is…$0. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t start to get the juices flowing regarding things we would be looking for in homes, neighborhoods to look at, and the very very beginning stages of looking at what the heck a mortgage is and all the steps you need to take to acquire one. After being in school for four more years (combined) after completing our undergraduate degrees, we kind of feel like we’re getting a fresh start on our early 20s, since we missed out on some of the things non-graduate students do. Full-time jobs with two real incomes in a partnership (okay, not everyone has this but WOW is it cool for us to finally be at this point), being able to buy 90% organic food without sacrificing other things, being able to go to sporting events (if it’s with a GroupOn or LivingSocial deal), walking to one of the many bars in our neighborhood to grab a beer “just because,” and the many other fun things that come with being a full-time adult. With those also come the savings priorities, which is where the open houses come in. After retirement and boosting the regular savings account, as adults…what should we be saving for??

Happy freshman move-in day, William & Mary! It’s almost impossible to believe that 8 years ago, we were moving into our freshman dorms and wouldn’t even meet each other for months to come. I remember it as an exhaustingly hot, 10000% humid day of annoyance and lots of groaning, as my parents, uncle and I hauled all my new college stuff up to my 3rd-floor dorm room (no elevator or AC). Despite the friendly faces passing out lemonade and free things, it was a super stressful experience and my family’s tempers flared, as the separation anxiety kicked in. We also lacked a decent fan, so there was an emergency trip to Target that my parents had to make with all the other freshman parents in town. Oops!

Another week, another hump day passing. That calls for a drink, does it not? Similar to our Blackberry Mint Spiked Lemonade, we’ve been on a summer cocktail spree recently. With the perfect weather we experience in Tacoma, it’s hard not to kick back a creative, light summer-y cocktail, particularly after being outside all day. It’s hard to believe that it was only last Wednesday that we spent exploring Mt. Rainier National Park. What a sight to behold! The mountain is HUGE. Which we knew, obviously. We see it most days of the week on our way into work. But to be right up on it like that? Pretty incredible. We know it’s not even at its best this summer because of a dry winter season, combined with the drought this summer. However, that did not deter from our trip there!

You know what brightens up a Monday morning? A perfect muffin. A couple weeks ago, I wanted to make savory muffins using at least one herb in our “garden” (two pots of herbs – a huge downsize from previous gardens of ours) and a cheese. I searched high and low on the internet and in my cookbooks for muffins using herbs and found surprisingly few options. It’s not that there weren’t recipes available, they just weren’t “the one.” Then I came across this gem – the words goat cheese and rosemary immediately jumped out at me and I was sold. I didn’t love the ingredient list, but figured I could work around some of the features to get the most flavor bang for my buck. Boy was I right. These muffins turned out stellar and made me wonder why there wasn’t more like them on the internet! These muffins tasted so amazing and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them because their golden-brown color just glowed (it doesn’t hurt either that the sun stays bright until almost 9 PM in Tacoma and we have a great window for food photos). There’s really not much else to say about these other than everyone should try them ASAP and savor their rich, cheesy goodness. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this recipe…

Happy weekend! I hope everyone has been having as great of a weekend as we have, whether it’s been relaxing and doing hardly anything at all, or going on some epic adventures. We have been in our kitchen less than usual for a weekend, but still have been creating a fair number of foods for the week. We went to the same bar we went to last weekend to watch the extremely predictable Tottenham game (at 7 AM this time, thankfully), and then realized we could knock out our meal-planning and grocery shopping before everyone else got up. So by 10:30 AM yesterday, we had accomplished all we needed to for the day! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Sooooo…..oops, still. I owe y’all like, 20 gazillion recipe posts. But probably the most offensive is that I STILL owe you one gloriously long, well-documented, beautiful post from our time taking a cooking tour in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa with our W&M colleagues. Like, whoa. It’s bad that hasn’t hit the internet yet. It’s been two months since our adventure concluded and unless you’re my Facebook friend (and even if you are), you have not been inundated with the entire story and experience. And an experience it was. We had the privilege of not only taking a tour of the historic neighborhood and learning more about a specific population within South African culture, but more importantly we were able to visit a family’s home to learn to cook a few traditional Cape Malay dishes. As a group, this was an awesome experience……and I’ll leave it there, so there’s some anticipation to read more when I get around to posting it!

Have you ever been to a bar at 4:30 in the morning, on purpose? Yeah me either, until this past Saturday. I’ve never been out that late nor have I been up that early with the explicit purpose of going to a bar. But there was a very, very good reason to be at a bar at 4:30 AM this past Saturday. That’s because the English Premier League season opener for Tottenham Hotspur was playing! And like the good wife that I am, I tagged along with Will to see the Spurs surprisingly not get crushed by Manchester United (I had pretty low hopes for the Spurs, tbh). It was actually quite fun and you’d be surprised to know that there’s a contingency of Spurs fans in Tacoma, including the owner of said bar, Doyle’s, that are willing to get up at that hour and watch games. We rolled in around 4:35 and a handful of people had already staked out seats, clad in many years of Spurs kits, with a cup of coffee in hand. We settled into a booth, got our requisite coffee and prepared for the worst. The Spurs did better than we (I) expected losing only 1-0 to Man U. The Spurs fans were excitable and fun, mostly a younger crowd but inclusive of a guy in his 50s or 60s that was from England – a true, lifelong Spurs fan (the poor soul). We eventually got a proper English breakfast to share and definitely enjoyed an Irish coffee at 6 AM when alcohol was allowed to be served. And by 6:45 AM, the game was over and we were on our way! Talk about an experience.

It’s almost Friday and you know what that calls for?? PIZZA! Well, at least in my mind, Fridays = pizza day. So why not make a gourmet pizza for yourself to celebrate the end of another week? There’s no need to spend money when all you need to do is spend a little time in your kitchen. Easier said than done, I know. Not everyone has Will in their kitchen like I do. But that doesn’t mean this is an impossible dish. If you really wanted to make it easier, you could even buy a pre-made dough and then top it with all these ingredients to achieve the same results. But I can assure you from many years of homemade-pizza-dough-making, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. I have been known to do it, which as you know, means it can’t be that difficult.

It’s late on Sunday night (90% of you won’t read this until Monday) and I’m kicked back in bed with the monsters, while Will watches some man-show out in the den. We’ve spent the entire day in the kitchen, aside from a yoga class, and we’re beat. Because of all the new recipes we churned out today (5, but 1 failed), I feel motivated to knock out at least one post tonight since I’ve now got over 20 in the backlog (oooooooooops). I figure before I share anything else new from our new place (of course we’re already making NEW recipes, duh), it’s best to wrap up the last of the pre-Tacoma recipes. And this one is a recipe that I should not have been holding out on you with. Ohmigosh this is heaven. One of Will’s best concoctions, ever. I can’t believe I’ve been so rude to withhold it from you this long.