Soy Chorizo TacosSo how exactly do you follow up on your big announcement post? Um, well, you can’t. At least not super easily. Instead of trying to do outdo the whole “we’re a .com now” thing, I figured it best to just keep chugging right along, business as usual. I mean, obviously I’m super stoked about the whole thing. Beyond stoked, actually. But that does you no good to hear me blabber on about the whole blog conversion thing, when you’re really just here for recipes. I’ll spare you the blabber and jump straight to it: Soy Chorizo Tacos. I hear half of you saying “ewwwww” and the other half saying “hmmm.” Fair enough, friends.

As you may have read in our FAQ section, we are fledgling vegetarians. Well, at least I am aSoy Chorizo Tacos vegetarian at this point, and Will is a vegetarian-by-default, with his position as head chef and all. Thus, in our new vegetarian status, it became important to learn what our options are, out there. We love tofu, which is great because otherwise that might have made the transition a little more shocking. But we know there are other soy products on there on the market and we’re intent on trying them. In particular, Trader Joe’s does a really excellent job of catering to their vegetarian (and vegan) crowd by offering a slew of options for those who eschew meat. It was in their vegetarian section that we stumbled across soy chorizo. At first, Will was super-duper hesitant to try it and I was willing to give it a shot. I figured it might be my only option at the spicy goodness of chorizo (which is really more about the spice than the meat) and Will has an underlying fear that nothing that’s produced to taste like meat will and thus he’s not keen on trying it.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we’re determining what to make while camping for Labor Soy Chorizo TacosDay. We aren’t allowed to have a campfire because of all the wildfires burning in Washington at the time, so Will’s thinking tacos that can be prepped in advance. But what to do with a wife that won’t eat meat? The soy chorizo immediately came to mind. Off we went on our camping trip and after a long Sunday of hiking, the time came to try it. Heating up the pre-roasted veggies, warming the tortillas, Will finally poured the soy chorizo into the frying pan and we both hoped for the best. A fire red production resulted and as we each spooned it onto our tortillas, we looked at each other nervously. First bite = perfection. As Will said, if you didn’t know you were eating soy instead of pork, you may not have been able to tell the difference. The fiery quality of this chorizo masked anything that gave up its status as a soy product and instead burned your mouth with all the tingly-good feels of pain mixed with delicious. We gobbled up our tacos, wishing we had more, and soaked in the happiness that comes from a good surprise. On the list of things to recommend trying, vegetarian or not, this one ranks up there pretty high.


Soy Chorizo Tacos (serves 2)Soy Chorizo Tacos
1 package Trader Joe’s soy chorizo
1 yellow onion
1 green bell pepper
Coconut oil, for cooking
Tortillas, for serving

Slice bell pepper and onion into thin strips, before going camping, and store in a Mason jar. Take soy chorizo out of casing and put in a Mason jar until at campground.

Once camping, begin to heat frying pan over high-isn heat. Melt a small bit of coconut oil (or cooking oil) over the heat. Sauté onion and pepper over high heat until slightly blistered, like for fajitas. Once done, remove from pan and set aside. Pour soy chorizo into warm frying pan and heat through over high heat. Set aside. Lower heat to medium-low, then warm tortillas, one at a time, until enough are made to your desire. Serve soy chorizo topped with onion and pepper in a tortilla, wrap up, and enjoy!

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