DSC_0351Yup, that’s right. The rare-cupcaker has jumped in to attempt cupcakes again. Inspired after meeting Sally, I felt it was necessary to give cupcakes another go, since I so infrequently attempt them. Conveniently, someone in the office had a birthday so I determined this was the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe out! Immediately turning to my *signed* copy of Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook #1, I landed on a set of recipes, both involving butterscotch chips; one of those were the cupcakes you see here. And my oh my, were they heavenly rich bites of delight! Rich like Donald Trump (almost). You really have to commit to butterscotch and chocolate for these, but if you love both of those, then you’re set to go. Wow, what flavor!


Um, hi. Don’t really know where last week went. Do you? I lost it. And October. I mean, geez. We’re starting to talk about Thanksgiving menus and planning Christmas trips and it’s like, helllllooooo my brain is still in August. Minus the weather. The weather is solidly October and I approve. But the weather is not in my brain, and therefore my brain does not understand how it’s halfway through October. Will went on his first business trip last week, we seemed like it was lightyears away when he originally scheduled it. But it has now come and gone and he can check “going to Chicago” off his list. He leaves for Copenhagen in less than two weeks. What the what?!?! I literally can’t understand the speed at which days go by. I met Sally last week. It feels like a year ago. Is anyone else having this problem?!?!

Asparagus & Avocado Toast

So we’ve been having a recent obsession with avocado. We’ve always liked avocado, but eating as vegetarians combined with living on the West Coast, has really upped our avocado game. Every week now, we buy a bag of avocados, whether we really need them or not. Most of our lunches nowadays involve avocado, whether the recipe calls for it or not. Recipes like this one catch our eye specifically because of their avocadoness. Yup, that’s a word now. Avocadoness. But seriously, you may not *think* that an avocado mash topped with asparagus would be filling, but you would be thinking wrong. You have to ensure that you have a quality multigrain bread (we used this fabulous Mt. Hood Multigrain & Flax by Franz Bakery) to really make sure you fill up, but otherwise it’s all about that avocadoness. This recipe could easily be adapted to include other roasted veggies toppings, but honestly, the avocado/asparagus combo is pretty genius.

Buttermilk Waffles

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Buttermilk WafflesHappy Sunday, friends! I hope you’ve been having as great of a weekend as we have. I can’t even really believe how much we fit in Saturday as I’m sitting here reflecting about it. It was such an awesome day! Will slept in as I went into the Humane Society to continue working in the cattery. I’m now only a couple steps away from graduating to the next level, which means interaction with the cats and getting to come in to work during Purrtime. I’m super excited about what new opportunities are just around the corner. After I wrapped up at the Humane Society, I came home and cleaned up (cleaning cages and litter boxes/food bowls is not a pretty job) and off we went to Seattle to….

Roasted Veggie Lunches

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Procrastination Station. That’s where I’m at y’all. It’s a hard place to be, right between the Struggle Bus and the Hot Mess Express. I still can’t get over the fact that October’s here and the leaves are falling outside. But October means many great things! We have lots of fun and exciting things scheduled in October and some have already happened. For example, we have already enjoyed going to our first Sounders match this past Sunday. Even though the team drew, it was still exciting to be in a stadium with 55,000+ other people to watch a regular season soccer match. We managed to snag really great seats behind one of the nets, so we felt very close to a lot of action. Sounders played Galaxy, which is essentially the place old English players go when they want to “retire” (thanks Beckham), so Will was pretty excited to see a couple former Spurs players on the field, from when he first started watching. In fact, I often had to remind him that we were there to see the Sounders not the Galaxy. Either way, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our overpriced pretzel and beer, while watching a pretty decent game.

Um, hi October. Nice to see ya. When did you decide to show up? Because I definitely thought you were still a couple months away. It feels like we just moved to Tacoma, but the leaves on the ground have been telling us otherwise, for the last couple weeks. It’s been absolutely beautiful here – warm(ish), crisp days, cool clear evenings. We’ve been enjoying time outside and have even had to turn the heat on a couple times, in our cars at least. It’s absolutely wonderful to be in early October and not having to worry about being too warm, but rather being too chilly. A total reverse of our normal situation!