Gingerbread MuffinsIt is very difficult to keep up with blogging when you’re moving at 90 miles an hour…so where did I leave off? I believe last time I posted, I mentioned Will was on work trip to Copenhagen from which he has now returned and saw sunlight today for the first time since he left the country…oops? But he really enjoyed the Danish culture and particularly enjoyed the provider program that he was visiting. He loved his host family and felt very well-integrated during his week-long visit to the country.¬†While he was gone, I did something really fun – I flew across the country to surprise visit my mom! She was absolutely stunned and it was superfun to see her for the first time since we moved. I had plotted with my Uncle Jim and my best friend, Amanda, to get me out there on a Friday evening, where I got to have tacos and margs with Amanda before crashing with my uncle. Then on Saturday morning, we drove over and surprised my mom! She and I had a blast catching up and hanging out for the brief visit.

Vegetarian Steamed BunsWe have been a couple busy beavers up here in Tacoma! Will is currently in Copenhagen on a work trip, having a great time from what I can tell. He has this cool opportunity as a study away advisor to work with one of the outside programs our university partners with and basically be a study away student for the week at the partner institution – he’s going to classes, is staying with a host family, and doing study tour activities, all to familiarize himself with the intimate details of the program. How many ways can you spell¬†jealous?!?!?!