DSC_0195I strongly believe that all areas of life should be inspired by art. Maybe not in the traditional sense when you think of it, but anything with an artistic and creative base. This roots from my upbringing in a household of artists, exposing me to original oils and watercolors on the walls by my grandmother and mother, art classes and innovative summer art camps led by my mother, and photography sessions with my dad to perfect the observant eye. Will also grew up in an artistic family, tracing back to his great-grandparents who all met in art school and went on to do marketing design for the auto industry, to his grandmother who has her own original art displayed around her charming home in Santa Barbara, to his aunt who is a professional artist (and I think some of you may actually have some of her coloring books – her current professional medium; her son is also a professional artist), his other aunt who’s art was done through jewelry and purse-making from kimonos which one of her daughters has now adopted, to his own mother who produces art in several mediums, most recently through felting and watercolor.

DSC_0232You know those kinds of recipes that just get better by the day? This is one of those. On day one, this was super tasty. The broth hadn’t had a chance to really thicken up, but the flavor was solid over a bowl of fresh rice. Day two? Broth/coconut milk had definitely had a chance to thicken and the Thai red curry paste had taken over the flavor threshold and the combination was dynamite. So good that I couldn’t wait to see how day three goes before telling you all about it! So so so good. No trace of cauliflower, all traces of sweet potato and peas and flavor bombs of curry paste and coconut milk. There is no hidden ingredient in this recipe and each one holds its own.

Honey Chamomile Adult Popsicles

So I’ve heard a rumor that some of you on the East Coast might be preparing for a wee bit of snow, eh? Fancy that, in January no less! We are blissfully unaware of the impending doom living on the other side of the country – we’re just continuing to wake up to a beautiful day of rain, every. single. day. Well today we actually saw a proper sunrise over Mt. Rainier before the rain kicked in, so that’s progress. But otherwise, rain rain rain. It’s no lie what people say about the PNW, but when the sun shines, it is oh so glorious and you forget about all the grayness and dreary rain that falls. Instead, you thank it for keeping the grass green, the mountains white, and your car, clean. Either way, no snow precipitation here for us- we just enjoy seeing it on the mountain!

Sweet Potato Mac and CheeseHi everybody! It’s Courtney again. The Courtney who usually sends in sweet, fatty, overly decadent posts to guest. I do that because those are the dishes I get most excited about, but they aren’t what I eat most of the time – even 20% of the time. Most of what I eat is full of veggies and plant-based protein sources. This dish, though. This combines everything I love about a rich, winter casserole (it’s been down to the single digits here in Boston and we need things to stick to the ribs!) and features more veggies than you can shake a stick at. Even better, nearly everything is local. The Boston Public Market – a year-round indoor farmer’s market – opened this year and is right on my commute home. Everything at the market must come from within 100 miles of Boston. This has been wonderful for my life but terrible for my wallet.

Butterscotch Oatmeal CookiesLet’s not even talk about how long it’s been since our last post. We’ll just pretend we did the whole Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s blog compilation, roundup, sparkly pictures, etc. happened, just as any good blogger would have intended. Instead, let’s appreciate the fact that you just clicked on a blogpost that has pumpkins in it. Pumpkins. As in, the October/November seasonal decorative food stuff. Orange and bright, tiny and gargantuan. The stuff of pumpkin spice lattes. Those things. Pumpkin. I thought they’d be cute in the pictures I took, k?!? I didn’t realize they’d be a dead giveaway about how farrrrrr behind I’ve gotten on blogging. Oops? #ForgiveMe. We’ve been a little, erm, busy since our last post. I managed to present that to you right in the middle of Christmas concert craziness at work (for me) and prepping students to leave the country (Will). We also signed a lease on a new apartment, drove to Santa Barbara and back, and then moved into said new apartment. So it’s been a wild 6 weeks y’all. Plus my computers RAM kinda took a poop in all that and trying to open the Photos app to edit was not a good time for anyone – no amount of wine could help my patience with that.