Butterscotch Pudding

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Butterscotch Pudding

I must admit, I have never made pudding before this experiment, or at least not from scratch. There are perhaps vague memories of chocolate pudding out of a Jell-o brand box that float into my memory, but on whole, I’m not much of a pudding gal. Admittedly, when this recipe by Smitten Kitchen popped into my newsfeed, I thought I should get out of my box and try something I hadn’t made before. I love butterscotch and will eat it until my stomach hurts, so I figured trying something new in a flavor realm of my preference really couldn’t go wrong. I was (mostly) correct – my pudding turned out a wee bit lumpy, despite my best whisking efforts, but the problem was absolved after discovering some chocolate and butterscotch chips in my pantry that I was able to sprinkle on top (not pictured). My guess is I was not patient enough when drizzling my milk to allow it to fully incorporate, which is how I got a smidgen lumpy. That or I should have strained my cornstarch, as it can get a bit clumped in storage. Overall, though, I would consider making this again, despite pudding not qualifying as a very “exciting” dessert!

DSC_0294We eat so many things that it is extremely difficult to keep up! I’ve had to recognize the blog is no longer a top-three priority in my life, but that’s okay! I still will do my best to share recipes as we try them and still try to share those we love and those we don’t. We are cooking up plenty of new recipes still and specifically, are really delving into our vegetarianism/vegan foods. We have been cooking a lot recently from a vegan Indian cookbook and our Southern vegetarian cookbook just arrived this week – so excited!! I’d almost say we’re going through more of a cookbook phase than blog phase these days, but that wouldn’t be entirely true…we still love looking at blogs, but our main resource has pretty much just become The Kitchn. We’ve been having a lot of fun though and I’ve been better about helping Will out in the kitchen, particularly with making breakfasts and at least a couple dinners a week. Cooking has finally started to become a shared effort, which is only fair since my self-prescribed dietary restrictions are controlling what we consume!


DSC_0265I love a good cookie recipe, as we all know, though at this point it takes a little something special to catch my eye and get me to try something new. So when this popped up on my Pinterest feed, I jumped. It had Nutella. Anything with Nutella gets my attention, even if the recipe doesn’t seem particularly inspiring. I don’t often make stuffed or “surprise” cookies, but when I do, they’re usually a HUGE hit. So I figured, why not stuff a cookie with my favorite kind of surprise: Nutella. The best kind of surprise: Nutella. The invincible ingredient that even tastes good when it’s only mixed with eggs to make “brownies“: Nu-freakin-tella. This recipe contained that one almighty ingredient and therefore, I fell for it. Hard. It was a jump-ahead-of-other-recipes recipe. Like, immediately sacrificed my jar of Nutella in my cupboard to make these. I was ready for it.


Will is back from his latest work trip and I’m so glad to have him home! He was travelling and working in Trinidad for the last 10 days, soaking up the sun and mosquito bites. He learned a lot about the culture and the program he was “checking” and feels much more confident to encourage students to participate. In other words, get thee to Trini! I was most jealous of the fact he got to attend part of the national steel pan competition that is going on currently and hope that he gets to do another program check in the future, when I can join him. Having only participated in one semester of steel pan ensemble at PLU, I would really love to see the insanity of the national steel pan competition in person someday. It looks like SUCH  a blast!