IMG_4367As many of you probably already figured out, you haven’t heard from us in a week because our friend Courtney was in town! We had a blast showing her around Tacoma, Seattle and Mount Rainier and we definitely ate all the things. Had we not kept a running Instagram log of what all we were consuming (#courtneysees253), I don’t know if I would remember it all by now! We only cooked once (!!!) during the entire weekend, so instead we took her to a bunch of restaurants we love, as well as some new joints. We will be sharing our Pike Place Market-inspired recipe at a later date!


This past weekend was a doozy for me! I spent over 12 hours volunteering time for the Humane Society and the Point Defiance Zoo, before finally crashing to just hang out at my zoo at home. Will had a productive weekend too, as he picked out the wood for the kitchen table he is building us. He found it at this cool shop, Earthwise Salvage; it’s old mill wood that’s been painted many colors on the edge, most recently blue. We got lucky because we had them haul away some items found in the basement of our rental house and we got a great store credit that covered almost our entire purchase for the table. The piece is a huge piece of lumber and Will spent a few hours working on sanding the pieces down. He’ll ultimately stain the top for eating off of with a beeswax coating. So far, the project is looking really cool! Sadly, the table won’t be done in time for Courtney’s visit this week.

IMG_4313This past weekend it was my birthday and we decided to take the day to explore Vashon Island, which is a sub-10 minute ferry ride from Tacoma. We packed up Otis in the car, jacket and all, and drove the Point Defiance to catch the ferry on what was admittedly, not the nicest of days. Chance of rain, chance of sun, guarantee of high winds – somewhat typical day here in Tacoma! Either way, while I was at The Humane Society in the morning to do a cat behavior training class, Will did some research of what we could do at Vashon all day. When I returned home, he declared we were going to the island and had made a card of all the options of things to do! It was supposed to be an “either or” type of list, but we checked off almost everything on there! It involved the consumption of many things, which is why I felt it was appropriate to share here 🙂

Egg McMuffinYou may not have heard from us in awhile because of two very specific reasons: #1 – I’ve been busy backlogging and finishing up the formatting project from when the blog converted platforms (it’s done, huzzah!). #2 – we got a dog!!!! We’ve been considering adding a third (yes, third) furry friend to our family for some time now and the stars finally aligned with a generous landlord, financial prep and spotting the right little guy online. We adopted our new pal, Mr. Otis, from a group called Smidget Rescue, which is run by a wonderful woman that primarily pulls dogs from high-kill shelters in California. Our little guy came from Rialto City as a stray, which we find difficult to believe because he is so well-behaved and well-mannered! While it pains me that I didn’t adopt from the Humane Society where I volunteer and spend a good chunk of time, as one of the staff members reminded me, each shelter dog is a saved life no matter where they come from.

DSC_0300Though we do not define ourselves strictly as “southerners,” there are certain things that remind us of “down-home” cooking that we not-so-secretly enjoy indulging in. In the months after we’ve moved, we’ve become increasingly more interested in cooking things from the South and expanding what we have always enjoyed about Southern cooking, into a strictly-vegetarian palate. It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s true! Not everything is chicken & waffles or BBQ. In doing so, this was one of our first ventures into pairing Southern-style foods to make a fully vegetarian meal, not lacking a meat-focused central component. This ended up being dinner AND lunch leftovers one week and while it makes a ton of servings, it certainly fills you up every single time.