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IMG_4367As many of you probably already figured out, you haven’t heard from us in a week because our friend Courtney was in town! We had a blast showing her around Tacoma, Seattle and Mount Rainier and we definitely ate all the things. Had we not kept a running Instagram log of what all we were consuming (#courtneysees253), I don’t know if I would remember it all by now! We only cooked once (!!!) during the entire weekend, so instead we took her to a bunch of restaurants we love, as well as some new joints. We will be sharing our Pike Place Market-inspired recipe at a later date!



Courtney arrived late Thursday and after taking IMG_4358her out for happy hour at one of our favorites in Tacoma, Matador, and then for a Girl Scout cookie-themed milkshake at Shake Shake Shake, we rested up for spending Friday in Seattle. Friday morning we started off strong by taking her to local doughnut joint, Legendary Doughnuts. If you’ve ever been to Portland and visited VooDoo Doughnut,  this is Tacoma’s answer to the famous chain. Doughnut bars and giant over-sized doughnuts fill the case, along with silly (and delicious) toppings. After staring at the options for what felt like a lifetime, we finally each chose our doughnuts, inhaled the first one in the shop, and then piled back in the car to make the trek up to Seattle. We got lucky and hit good traffic until the city, managing about a 30-minute ride before hitting gridlock. Not bad!


IMG_4362 (1)Upon arriving in Seattle, we went straight to the Seattle Center. Courtney had a meeting at the Seattle Children’s Museum, so Will and I wandered over to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center. We had parked nearby many times, but had yet to venture inside. It was a really well-done center, highlighting the work the foundation does and sharing stories of those it has helped over time. There were lots of interactive stations ranging from “how to change the world” to “how heavy it is to carry water every day” to innovation stations. There were a decent number of people milling about and we enjoyed poking around. I added my cause to the trees (pictured left) and found a gem that I couldn’t resist sharing, while doing so.



After Courtney was wrapped up, we visited the IMG_4364Pacific Science Center next. Courtney got us in for free (museum worker perks!) and we meandered through the exhibits, observing animatronic dinosaurs, learning about space (Pluto was still a planet there!), looking at amphibians and insects, playing with sea creatures and visiting a very large body/health exhibit. In the body/health area, we tried some of the interactive stations, our favorite of which was to try “aging” ourselves based on obesity, smoking and sun damage (pictured right). We also visited the butterfly garden and saw many pretty pretty butterflies. From the Science Center, we hopped in an Uber and tackled Pike Place Market, which was overwhelming and packed at lunchtime. Feeling hanger approaching all of us, we hustled through the crowds, saw the long lines at all the destinations Will and I had in mind, before dipping into a more “local” area of the market to the food court. Will and I ended up splitting delicious vegetarian Indian food from a stall and Courtney rolled up with some legit biscuits and gravy. No photos were taken because hanger.

12593872_10101001308801069_2690378446366971646_oWe returned to wander through Pike Place post-hanger episode, we picked up some fresh pasta and local cheese to make for dinner later in the weekend. From there, we hoofed it up the hills of Seattle to try Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, a new addition several blocks away. While we were skeptical of the quality of the coffee (because let’s be honest, nobody drinks Starbucks for their regular coffee) and the price, we decided to split a tasting trio. To be completely honest, we were all delightfully surprised by their quality! As Courtney quoted Will saying, “Shockingly, they’re all good!” We were very happy and very hyped up upon leaving Starbucks, looking back fondly on good coffee, a great atmosphere and the fact we avoided some major crowds. We caught another Uber with a guy from Florida who moved to Seattle to open a marijuana dispensary (because of course he was from Florida and of course that’s why he moved here) back to our car, to beat the rush hour traffic and Sanders supporters going to his rally. We got back to Tacoma to walk Otis and then carried on with our evening of eating (to be continued in a Tacoma post).


Mr. Otis greeting Courtney as she steps off the plane


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