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IMG_4604Louiville, Day 2! After a long, food-filled first day in Louisville, we slept in suuuuuuuuper late on Friday. When we finally woke up, it was practically lunchtime so we decided to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. After a couple cups of coffee at our AirBNB (and an epic battle with a weird Keurig machine), we wandered over to top attraction, Feast BBQ. Will had read about this place online and it had already come up and been suggested a couple times since our arrival, so clearly it was a must-eat. What was so great about Feast was that it’s a bit of a hipster place, meaning I had plenty of vegetarian options including none other than tofu BBQ! This was thrilling because it meant I could partake in the tasty BBQ flavors without having to just settle for sides (not that that’s typically a problem…)

From the minute we walked in the restaurant, we knew IMG_4603
we were in for something good. It was packed to the brim with all different types of folks, from out-of-towners to regulars to lunch-hour workers. We hustled up to the counter to order and got ourselves (appropriately), a feast. We started off lunch with a bourbon mint julep slushie (me) and an Ale 8-1 slushie (Will), which were just divine and of course they were served in Mason jars (pictured). Then our food landed in it’s old-school lunch trays on the long, picnic/salvaged tables that we sat at (HIPSTER ALERT). I got a tofu BBQ sandwich with a healthy side of potato salad. Will got a pulled pork platter, with a biscuit, mac n cheese (to split with me) and collards. Holy camoley was this lunch good. I haven’t had BBQ since who knows when and Will is always a supreme critic of BBQ, since he grew up on the stuff of champs in Arkansas. But this was an absolutely wonderful treat for both of us and we just loved it! Will actually enjoyed Feast so much that he took a colleague back for dinner, during his conference time after I left Louisville! There’s something classic about the flavors and sides of BBQ that can’t ever be properly replicated outside of the South. Good job Feast. 10/10.


IMG_4605 IMG_4606







IMG_4610After inhaling (almost regrettably so) our BBQ, we decided to wander around NuLu. We poked our heads in all the little shops, visited a locally famous candy shop called Muth’s to stock up on bourbon chocolate balls and modjeskas, before needing a pick-me-up. We headed to the most popular coffee shop on the main drag, Please & Thank You to get a cup ‘o joe and try their famous chocolate chip cookie. It was an impressive cookie, admittedly, worthy of the advertisement of the “best chocolate chip cookie in Louisville.” From there, we headed up the street to try a tasting flight at Goodwood Brewing. They use a special Kentucky technique of using pure limestone water and old bourbon barrels for aging their beers, creating really hearty, well-rounded flavors. We significantly enjoyed our flight, but were so full still from lunch, that we couldn’t do a full beer. It just wasn’t happening. After our visit to Goodwood, we wandered home for a nap before getting ready for dinner!



We decided to really treat ourselves a nice dinner since this was vacation and we haven’t eaten a super fancy meal out in awhile. We made reservations at Harvest, a farm-to-table restaurant in NuLu. When we rolled up for dinner, there was a wedding party enjoying their rehearsal dinner, so we grabbed a seat at the bar to start our cocktails before our table was ready!Will stuck with a classic old-fashioned and I went for some blueberry, elderflower something-or-other, both of which were fabulous. We were eventually ushered to our table, where we enjoyed a beautiful dinner of wild ramp and potato gnocchi (me) and cornmeal crusted catfish (Will). The whole thing was top-notch and we were incredibly impressed.


IMG_4625But good food and cocktails were not enough for us! We decided to treat ourselves to a bourbon flight with our dessert, which was a chocolate tart.  We selected “the perfect 10” which included 10-year old bourbons from Bulleit, Eagle Rare and Russell’s Reserve. What. A. Treat. We have loved bourbon since our first trip to Louisville, but this was the first time we’d treated ourselves to multiple higher-quality bourbons at the same time. They were each unique in their character and flavor and it really topped off a great day perfectly. 12/10 for Harvest, bourbon flights, and our day in NuLu. More to come on the final eats of our trip!





IMG_4622Willis lookin’ fly in his new hipster hat (from NuLu) with his honey


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