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Oops, it’s past time to finish wrapping up our trip to Louisville, long after parts one and two have been posted! I’ll combine days three and four, since we lost some of our steam after the second day in a row spent eating. Have I mentioned yet that we consumed a lot of food? We consumed a lot of food while we were there. We also consumed a lot of bourbon, but I don’t see the harm in that!




We start off on Sunday at Gralehaus, which was a IMG_4631breakfast joint inside a B&B. I had a classic biscuit and egg, with a side of spicy pimento cheese and pickles. Um, delish. Everything is everything when pimento cheese is involved. Will had a daily special crepe, which was divine and surprisingly filling, almost moreso than my biscuit, believe it or not! He also had a breakfast beer and a shot (of espresso), while I chugged a lot of fresh, fancy-hipster coffee down. The place was packed and it was hard to grab a seat, despite the fact there wasn’t even a sign out front announcing the restaurant tucked inside. We felt like we had found some sort of secret breakfast club and we were entirely stuffed by the time we left.



IMG_4642After engulfing such a huge breakfast, we wandered over to Cave Hill Cemetery to walk off all the food we’d consumed in the last two days. This sounds like it would be an odd activity, but it was a top-rated place to visit on Yelp for Louisville, so since we were in the neighborhood, we figured why not. It was a beautiful morning, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. The cemetery is set on a series of rolling hills, flush with bright green grass and blossoming dogwood trees. There wasn’t really a morbid feeling because the grounds were so well-kept and landscaped beautifully. The graves dated back to the beginning of the settlement in Louisville and it was amazing to see so many generations of families who had lived and were buried on their plots at Cave Hill. We wandered around for quite some time, ultimately pinnacling at Col. Sanders grave, before heading back towards the Highlands neighborhood to explore.



We poked our head in and out of some shops, grabbedIMG_4636 some coffee and people-watched, before finally deciding to eat some (small) food items again. It’s pretty impossible not to want to try absolutely everything you see in Louisville! We each grabbed a pretty authentic-tasting taco at El Taco Luchador, which was a hole-in-the-wall with a line out the door type of place. I got a veggie taco and Will got some sort of meat taco and we were both more than satisfied. Honestly, I wish I had been hungrier so I could have stomached trying more of their tacos! Everything was grilled to perfection and I wanted more, but knew better. That’s because after snacking on those tacos, we walked down to Steel City Pops, the most frivolous place we stopped on our whole trip. They serve only popsicles and because it was a gorgeous, warm Southern day, they were packed! I had a cookie dough popsicle and Will had a sweet tea popsicle, but they certainly had healthier, fruitier options. We sat outside and watched the people go by, as we worked on consuming these at the appropriate speed (braaaaaaainfreeze). Honestly, it was a genius idea for a little treat shop and we would totally support having a popsicle shop (or food truck) in Tacoma!


IMG_4638We waddled into an Uber to go back to our AirBNB to crash before braving the crowds for Thunder Over Louisville. Apparently we stumbled into town for the kickoff of Derby and were going to be able to see the biggest fireworks show in America! We had been warned multiple times to avoid the crowds, so we chose to stay in NuLu and see as much of the show as we could from a spot there. Once we heard the crowds outside our AirBNB, we decided to join the shuffle towards downtown. We first stopped at Goodwood again, each grabbing a pint and an Adirondock chair out front. THAT was an entertaining experience. We saw all kinds of people hustling downtown to see the fireworks, to say the least! After imbibing, we walked a block down to Garage, a cool grungy-looking pizza joint that we had walked past multiple times. They had lawn/front patio seating (it’s literally just an old gas station), so we took up a spot in a corner where we’d see some of the fireworks. A fancy pizza, some cocktails, and ice cream beer float and a sundae later, we had fully enjoyed our food, experience and Thunder! We stumbled home with everyone else and once again, crashed.

By Sunday, we had clearly eaten too much, so we just IMG_4640headed to the downtown area to keep it light. We ate at a small Middle Eastern restaurant, sustaining our bodies with green things for what felt like the first time in days. We visited a free avant-garde art museum in a hotel (21C), wandered to the waterfront and then at a decent hour, headed over to the Brown Hotel for a classic mint julep. Will did not consume the famous “hot brown” sandwich on this trip (he did later with a colleague), so we just stuck to simple cocktails: an old-fashioned and a mint julep. I was surprised this was my first mint julep since arriving, but it was the perfect way to cap off the trip! After enjoying our drinks, it was time for me to Uber back to the airport and catch my afternoon flight back home. Needless to say, we had a fabulous, food-filled trip to Louisville and would recommend a visit for anyone!



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