Writer, photographer, mess-maker extraordinaire.

That’s my job here at Cooking With Willis, along with baking and occasionally cooking. The voice beCWW - Meganhind the blog, I contribute to menu planning and manage everything except the cooking part – blog maintenance, writing, photography, social media, etc. As 1/2 of the CWW team, I support Will in his cooking efforts and mostly just stay out of the way – I can get flour places you didn’t know flour could go (including computer keyboards), so he mostly keeps me around for my company while he’s in the kitchen. I do make some pretty killer dessert recipes, so that’s my main food-related contribution to CWW.


I have a variety of other interests outside of the kitchen. I am a musician by trade and enjoy running, doing yoga, and volunteering at the local zoo and humane society. My mother challenged me as a kid to never say the words “I’m bored,” and that has truly stuck with me throughout my life. I like to stay occupied and this blog is just one of the many ways I do so! I also adore our monster-kitties, Oscar and Emma, who are frequently mentioned/featured on the blog.

Oscar & Emma


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