Chef and graphic design extraordinaire.

That’s my job here at Cooking With Willis, along 1614150_10204741199920931_3748845119438317574_owith occasionally holding lighting when there’s no daylight and arranging food to be attractive in the photos. As the primary cook, I do the majority of recipe research, meal-planning, and editing of dishes, to make each just the way I like it. I also contribute by helping Megan remember changes to recipes 2 months after I’ve made them, as well as designing the fresh new CWW logo. Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes and it’s been fun to see how much I’ve made in the kitchen, from Megan’s creation of this blog.

I have a variety of other interests outside of the kitchen. By day, I am a study abroad advisor and program coordinator, which allows me to do one of my favorite things: travel. Besides traveling, I really enjoy soccer and wake up before dawn to watch my favorite team, Tottenham Hotspur, play in the Barclays Premiere League each weekend. I, unlike Megan, do not prefer to stay overly occupied, so I mostly enjoy running, hiking/camping, and watching Netflix, as my primary hobbies. I tolerate the monsters, but will admit that Emma is my favorite, despite being terribly behaved.*

*I also approve of Megan writing my bio.

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