Friday calls for COOKIES! And you’re in luck because I don’t just have one cookie recipe for you today, but instead I have TWO!  Both these recipes are shared from extraordinarily famous bloggers, Smitten Kitchen and Sally’s Baking Addiction. Their cookbooks reside on my shelves and I admire their capacity as food bloggers so so so much. So when Deb from SK reposted her brownie cookies, I decided to have a little baking party for myself and whip up not only those, but a great SBA recipe too. I want to share the cookies with some (picky) friends, so I landed on Sally’s chocolate chip cookies because a) who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies and b) I realized I had never made them and that was an atrocity I could no longer bear. So I took a weekend and decided to make both! Saturday was spent prepping dough and chilling it and Sunday was a couple hours worth of rotating baking sheets and piles of fresh cookies coming out. I don’t really need to say much about either recipe because they’re both obviously fabulous. Sally’s chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorite recipe (I almost like them more than my own) and I recommend everyone just make them and keep them in the freezer. The brownie cookies were good – but like all recipes I’ve tried from SK, they didn’t wow me as much as I was hoping. But if you’re looking for something different and really really rich, then these are for you. Read on and enjoy!

DSC_0443Happy Monday folks! I hope everyone had as productive of a weekend as we did. Per usual, I spent most of my weekend involving cats! But we also managed to sprinkle in a good dose of concerts, friends and food this weekend too. It made for a particularly busy and exhausting couple of days, full of good people and good eats. Really good eats, actually. I look forward to sharing some of the things we made in the kitchen, in the future! Things like hash brown casserole and bourbon pecan chocolate chip cookies. You know, tasty, decadent, sinful foods. We saw an old friend (from grad school!), met new friends at a vegan potluck and celebrated the end of the Spurs season with our dear Spurs friends. We went to a choral/orchestra concert, a senior recital and a wind ensemble concert. I played with kittens and hung out with old cats. We cooked, we baked, we drank. All in all, a great weekend.

Reese's Egg Cookies

Good morning and happy Friday! I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. For once, I have not over-planned myself and ended up with an almost entirely free day this weekend! What the what?!?! This is so strange for me, since I usually like to completely book myself each day. The only scheduled activity for me on Saturday is having friends over for dinner, so really, how difficult is that? My hope is that my little Emma-monster will let me sleep in (doubtful) a little bit before heading to my MIXXEDFit class at the Y. Then I might visit the opening day at the farmers market. Or not. Who knows. Sunday includes a soccer game then my Purr-time training at the Humane Society, which is my first day of officially being on the Purr-time team aka hanging out with allllll the cats. Then it’s just steel pan practice, so even Sunday is low-key! Hard to believe.

Butterscotch Pudding

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Butterscotch Pudding

I must admit, I have never made pudding before this experiment, or at least not from scratch. There are perhaps vague memories of chocolate pudding out of a Jell-o brand box that float into my memory, but on whole, I’m not much of a pudding gal. Admittedly, when this recipe by Smitten Kitchen popped into my newsfeed, I thought I should get out of my box and try something I hadn’t made before. I love butterscotch and will eat it until my stomach hurts, so I figured trying something new in a flavor realm of my preference really couldn’t go wrong. I was (mostly) correct – my pudding turned out a wee bit lumpy, despite my best whisking efforts, but the problem was absolved after discovering some chocolate and butterscotch chips in my pantry that I was able to sprinkle on top (not pictured). My guess is I was not patient enough when drizzling my milk to allow it to fully incorporate, which is how I got a smidgen lumpy. That or I should have strained my cornstarch, as it can get a bit clumped in storage. Overall, though, I would consider making this again, despite pudding not qualifying as a very “exciting” dessert!


DSC_0265I love a good cookie recipe, as we all know, though at this point it takes a little something special to catch my eye and get me to try something new. So when this popped up on my Pinterest feed, I jumped. It had Nutella. Anything with Nutella gets my attention, even if the recipe doesn’t seem particularly inspiring. I don’t often make stuffed or “surprise” cookies, but when I do, they’re usually a HUGE hit. So I figured, why not stuff a cookie with my favorite kind of surprise: Nutella. The best kind of surprise: Nutella. The invincible ingredient that even tastes good when it’s only mixed with eggs to make “brownies“: Nu-freakin-tella. This recipe contained that one almighty ingredient and therefore, I fell for it. Hard. It was a jump-ahead-of-other-recipes recipe. Like, immediately sacrificed my jar of Nutella in my cupboard to make these. I was ready for it.

Honey Chamomile Adult Popsicles

So I’ve heard a rumor that some of you on the East Coast might be preparing for a wee bit of snow, eh? Fancy that, in January no less! We are blissfully unaware of the impending doom living on the other side of the country – we’re just continuing to wake up to a beautiful day of rain, every. single. day. Well today we actually saw a proper sunrise over Mt. Rainier before the rain kicked in, so that’s progress. But otherwise, rain rain rain. It’s no lie what people say about the PNW, but when the sun shines, it is oh so glorious and you forget about all the grayness and dreary rain that falls. Instead, you thank it for keeping the grass green, the mountains white, and your car, clean. Either way, no snow precipitation here for us- we just enjoy seeing it on the mountain!

Butterscotch Oatmeal CookiesLet’s not even talk about how long it’s been since our last post. We’ll just pretend we did the whole Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s blog compilation, roundup, sparkly pictures, etc. happened, just as any good blogger would have intended. Instead, let’s appreciate the fact that you just clicked on a blogpost that has pumpkins in it. Pumpkins. As in, the October/November seasonal decorative food stuff. Orange and bright, tiny and gargantuan. The stuff of pumpkin spice lattes. Those things. Pumpkin. I thought they’d be cute in the pictures I took, k?!? I didn’t realize they’d be a dead giveaway about how farrrrrr behind I’ve gotten on blogging. Oops? #ForgiveMe. We’ve been a little, erm, busy since our last post. I managed to present that to you right in the middle of Christmas concert craziness at work (for me) and prepping students to leave the country (Will). We also signed a lease on a new apartment, drove to Santa Barbara and back, and then moved into said new apartment. So it’s been a wild 6 weeks y’all. Plus my computers RAM kinda took a poop in all that and trying to open the Photos app to edit was not a good time for anyone – no amount of wine could help my patience with that.

DSC_0351Yup, that’s right. The rare-cupcaker has jumped in to attempt cupcakes again. Inspired after meeting Sally, I felt it was necessary to give cupcakes another go, since I so infrequently attempt them. Conveniently, someone in the office had a birthday so I determined this was the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe out! Immediately turning to my *signed* copy of Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook #1, I landed on a set of recipes, both involving butterscotch chips; one of those were the cupcakes you see here. And my oh my, were they heavenly rich bites of delight! Rich like Donald Trump (almost). You really have to commit to butterscotch and chocolate for these, but if you love both of those, then you’re set to go. Wow, what flavor!

Who’s ready for another week? It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-September; it feels like time is flying by here. We have been busy bees at work, especially since students arrived last week. We enjoyed a date night Friday at a local tap room/brewery, which was a lot of fun! This weekend felt like things kicked off into high gear. I had an interview to be a volunteer at the local zoo, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, then grabbed lunch before heading over to the Humane Society for my first volunteer shift! I got to hang out in the “cattery” washing dishes and litter boxes. It will be awhile before I can directly interact with the kitties that are waiting on their new families, but I can at least talk to them and show them some verbal love while I work. After volunteer activities were over, Will and I had a “treat yo self” moment and ventured to the mall for some new PNW-work clothes. We had so much fun, but are now poor haha. We hit it big-time at Old Navy and got a few things off our list that we were looking for. I’m also happy to report that I live super close to an H&M again, which makes my heart very happy. Will did not see the thrill as much as I did.

We had the best week last week, thus why you got no new recipes, faithful readers. On Wednesday, we went into downtown Seattle to watch the women’s soccer team, Seattle Reign FC, play their second-to-last season game against the Boston Breakers. Their games are right in the Seattle Center, so we had the privilege of getting to watch not only the game, but to see the sun set over the Space Needle as the night went on. The night was a special one at the pitch, too, because it was a celebration of women’s sports in Seattle. They had players from the women’s basketball team, the Seattle Storm, and gave out free scarves that supported both teams, emblazoned “ReignStorm.” Thankfully, we did not have a rainstorm that night, and watched Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo and the rest of their teammates take on and beat the Breakers. We’re excited to return to see them play in their first playoff game in a couple weeks!