DSC_0562It’s hard to believe that our first academic year at PLU is coming to an end! I have my final  concert tonight with the PLU concert band and it’s hard to believe that it’s one of the final concerts of the semester! It’s been a whirlwind of an academic and it’s still not quite done yet. With both of us acclimating to new jobs and a new city, the time has flown right by. And while I’m almost done until things ramp back up next fall, Will is not! He actually has yet another business trip coming up! Prepare yourselves to be jealous of this one…..he gets to spend three, yes THREE, weeks in England. Raise your hand if you’re jealous (raises hand). He’ll be working with PLU’s program at Oxford and also likely checking in on other partner programs in the UK and possibly Scotland. (Raises other hand for double jealousy). Unfortunately this was an end-of-budget year decision for his office, so I will not have the opportunity to join him on this trip, but it’s okay because we plan to go back together in the future anyways. He’ll just be working the entire time, right?! RIGHT?!?! He will in fact take a moment of fun to most likely go and visit White Hart Lane, historic home of Spurs, before it is totally demolished this summer, which will be bittersweet after such a phenomenal season from the team. So while I’m sure you, like me, pity the amount of work he’ll be doing, we can all find solace in his one planned excursion for himself. #pitypatrol #sorrynotsorry 


This past weekend was a doozy for me! I spent over 12 hours volunteering time for the Humane Society and the Point Defiance Zoo, before finally crashing to just hang out at my zoo at home. Will had a productive weekend too, as he picked out the wood for the kitchen table he is building us. He found it at this cool shop, Earthwise Salvage; it’s old mill wood that’s been painted many colors on the edge, most recently blue. We got lucky because we had them haul away some items found in the basement of our rental house and we got a great store credit that covered almost our entire purchase for the table. The piece is a huge piece of lumber and Will spent a few hours working on sanding the pieces down. He’ll ultimately stain the top for eating off of with a beeswax coating. So far, the project is looking really cool! Sadly, the table won’t be done in time for Courtney’s visit this week.

Vegetarian Steamed BunsWe have been a couple busy beavers up here in Tacoma! Will is currently in Copenhagen on a work trip, having a great time from what I can tell. He has this cool opportunity as a study away advisor to work with one of the outside programs our university partners with and basically be a study away student for the week at the partner institution – he’s going to classes, is staying with a host family, and doing study tour activities, all to familiarize himself with the intimate details of the program. How many ways can you spell jealous?!?!?!


Um, hi. Don’t really know where last week went. Do you? I lost it. And October. I mean, geez. We’re starting to talk about Thanksgiving menus and planning Christmas trips and it’s like, helllllooooo my brain is still in August. Minus the weather. The weather is solidly October and I approve. But the weather is not in my brain, and therefore my brain does not understand how it’s halfway through October. Will went on his first business trip last week, we seemed like it was lightyears away when he originally scheduled it. But it has now come and gone and he can check “going to Chicago” off his list. He leaves for Copenhagen in less than two weeks. What the what?!?! I literally can’t understand the speed at which days go by. I met Sally last week. It feels like a year ago. Is anyone else having this problem?!?!

Um, hi October. Nice to see ya. When did you decide to show up? Because I definitely thought you were still a couple months away. It feels like we just moved to Tacoma, but the leaves on the ground have been telling us otherwise, for the last couple weeks. It’s been absolutely beautiful here – warm(ish), crisp days, cool clear evenings. We’ve been enjoying time outside and have even had to turn the heat on a couple times, in our cars at least. It’s absolutely wonderful to be in early October and not having to worry about being too warm, but rather being too chilly. A total reverse of our normal situation!

Can we just talk about how many ah-mazing recipes there are on the internet?!?! Deciding what to make each week might actually be one of the more stressful things we do in our house, because there are just too many good options. For example, today I saved the following recipes: Baked Black Bean Burritos with Avocado, Slow Cooker French Onion Soup, and Butternut Squash Ravioli. Because clearly all of those things are related. But for real, it is SO hard to distill all the options out there down to the best choices for us. Our list is never-ending; it’s gotten so out of control that weekly, we have to go through our individual “reading lists” on our computers and transfer all the saved links over to our shared GoogleSheet, where we have a categorized list of recipes to make. I swear we’re always adding more than we’re making. It’s ridiculous.

Happy weekend! I hope everyone has been having as great of a weekend as we have, whether it’s been relaxing and doing hardly anything at all, or going on some epic adventures. We have been in our kitchen less than usual for a weekend, but still have been creating a fair number of foods for the week. We went to the same bar we went to last weekend to watch the extremely predictable Tottenham game (at 7 AM this time, thankfully), and then realized we could knock out our meal-planning and grocery shopping before everyone else got up. So by 10:30 AM yesterday, we had accomplished all we needed to for the day! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Banh Mi

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We are about to head out of the country for an extended period of time, so I figured it might be worth getting one more post up on the blog before we go! We’ll be doing a short-term study abroad trip in South Africa and will primarily be staying in the Cape Town region, though we will take excursions to other surrounding places. We’re hoping to get some cooking experience while there and obviously plan to blog about that when we return (not that we’ve been super up to date on our blogging…oops). We’ll also be getting to try some famous South African wine, which we’re looking forward too, though that’s probably more of a Megan than Will thing that we’ll be doing. We also are planning to visit lots of historic sites and at least one animal rehab center, as well as getting to see the famous South African penguins. And before you even ask, no we are not planning to go shark diving!

So we’ve been having a love affair with tofu recently, if you haven’t noticed. It has entered into our kitchen and our hearts, more than we had initially imagined. When Chipotle offered its Sofritas BOGO deal the other week, we got really excited; that is, until the guy in front of me got the last helping of Sofritas in Williamsburg. Then we were sad. But we have the GO part of the deal, so we will try it then! But more increasingly, I’m finding that depending on the occasion and restaurant, I have become more inclined to go for the tofu option, over any sort of meat. Sometimes for the principle of it, sometimes for what the dish is. I still haven’t decided my meat/no meat preference, but since Will isn’t willing to give up meat yet, I guess we’re going to keep cooking it! I think we all know that the menu selections aren’t up to me, which is why I can present you with this dish today. Based off of many other recipes Will has tried, he came up with this one on his own using a few of my favorite things: tofu, soba noodles and miso. And folks, I speak the truth when I tell you it was heaven. I attribute it mostly to the soba noodles because they are hands-down one of my top five favorite things to eat. But seriously – this little recipe is genius. I’d say this will be the one that gets us a million bucks, but after looking at last weeks stats, I think that may be either Maple Bacon Doughnuts or Chili con Queso. Hilarious, considering that the healthy recipes on this blog far outweigh the unhealthy!

If the Thanksgiving post was tardy, then this post is so beyond belated. I want to wrap up as many 2014 recipes IN 2014 as I can, before the new year full of new recipes arrives. This last week of December will essentially be a race to the finish, to see if I can share what we were up to, in the appropriate year! That being said, we’ll be traveling so much in the next two weeks, that we may not have any recipes to post in the new year, if I meet my goal. HAH who am I kidding? Of course we’ll be cooking along the way, especially considering we’re celebrating two Christmas’ before 2015 arrives.