Tempeh Tikka MasalaI think I’ve been holding out on you. I don’t think I’ve shared ONE recipe yet from Vegan Richa, the most amazing Indian cookbook we’ve ever laid eyes on. She has a blog too, but we are just absolutely in love with her hard-copy, straightforward book of recipes. Ohmaigosh. It’s the absolute best. This Tempeh Tikka Masala is one of many we have made and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to share with you! First of all, this recipe went over waaaaaaay better than the first time we attempted tempeh, and was a great substitute for chicken tikka masala, in my humble opinion. Will may disagree, but I found this wholly satisfying and a perfect go-to when I get a tikka masala craving. He can still eat his meat version of this dish and so can you! However, the spice combos that Richa creates are so authentic-tasting that you’ll want to swamp them out for any other tikka masala recipe. That can actually be said for all her recipes – we have yet to have a bust! So if you love Indian food, tikka masala or are curious about tempeh, this is the recipe for you!

DSC_0232You know those kinds of recipes that just get better by the day? This is one of those. On day one, this was super tasty. The broth hadn’t had a chance to really thicken up, but the flavor was solid over a bowl of fresh rice. Day two? Broth/coconut milk had definitely had a chance to thicken and the Thai red curry paste had taken over the flavor threshold and the combination was dynamite. So good that I couldn’t wait to see how day three goes before telling you all about it! So so so good. No trace of cauliflower, all traces of sweet potato and peas and flavor bombs of curry paste and coconut milk. There is no hidden ingredient in this recipe and each one holds its own.

Our new university is pretty cool. There, I said it. Hard to admit after coming from an awesome university where we both attended AND worked, in some capacity, 6 out of the last 8 years. A school that we are deeply rooted in, connected to, invested in emotionally (and financially), and the place we call home. But gosh darn, our new university is great in its own right and in its own way. Sharing so many similarities to our wonderful W&M, PLU is a place focused on community, service and growing into its high potential as a stellar institution. A baby school, celebrating only its 125th anniversary this year, PLU is deeply rooted in its community strength and support and even as a staff member, you feel it. It’s also deeply committed to serving three (really good) square meals to staff on university conference day, but that’s a different matter.

Happy snow day (again) everyone! I’m still thrilled by all the snow we’ve been getting, but I may be the last person left on the East Coast who feels that way. To be honest, I was disappointed by the very light wintry mix/dusting of snow we got last night. I won’t complain about our two-hour delay, but honestly, it wasn’t really worth it.

Beef Korma

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Has anyone noticed anything different on the blog lately? Recipes keep coming, writing remains about the same, but what about…the pictures? I hope you all have noticed an improvement because Will did something amazing for me for Christmas this year. He built me a special photo light, found here. I found this light on one of my favorite blogs, Pinch of Yum, in their food photography section. But instead of spending some buckaroo’s on a light, we went the DIY option instead. And because of this little light powerhouse, you may have noticed the posts about mussels, tagine, miso-tahini noodles with tofu might have looked a bit improved! After taking some time to edit photos last weekend, I’m super stoked about the improved quality we can share with you in how our food looks! Now, the only flaw in this is now our older photos look less good and we need to remake about 440 recipes. Riiiiiiiiiight. We’ll get on that ASAP.

Ah, the food subscription box. It gave us a baking pumpkin as a surprise one week and Will was at a total loss what to do with it. Per usual, he went to his faithful cooking blog, The Kitchn, to figure out what to do. While this ultimately was not our favorite recipe ever, I chose to blog about it because a) someone with a pumpkin might be inspired to try it and b) someone could probably figure out some improvements on the recipe. Either way, this recipe has a lot of promise that we did not tap into enough, but perhaps you can! Or maybe our pumpkin was just lacking in personality and with the right pumpkin, this is heavenly. Who knows – that’s for you to tell us! Either way, if you’ve got a pumpkin and you don’t know what to do with it, you could consider giving this a shot to get your creative juices working.

How is it only Tuesday? Yesterday was probably the longest Monday there ever was and I feel like it should already be Thursday. There is so much change going on at work with the merger, still. Which the continuous change is to be expected, but it’s just difficult when it’s still technically part of my first year on the job. People are finally moving up and moving on, which will cause an even bigger shift than the overall cultural change of the work environment. Departments have moved out and the new ones have yet to move in. Our on-site staff has shrunk from 25 to 11 and will continue to shrink in the forseeable future, before adding new friends to our House. There’s so much going on and it’s hard to keep up!

Okay, so I know I announced on Facebook a few weeks ago that we were going to be out of commission until late October, but I stumbled upon this post that only needed an intro paragraph. Since I just polished off a bowl of Indian food, it only seems appropriate to double down and get this out on the world wide web before it gets lost forever. To say we’ve been busy, would be an understatement. We attended two weddings within a week, Will’s been barely keeping his head above water in his classes and I’ve finally reached the home stretch for Homecoming. I’ve tackled three-job days with the addition of the Williamsburg Symphonia, car repairs and vet visits for one of the cats, like it’s no big deal. We’re in the final ten days until Homecoming hits and I’m excited to experience it and then say good-bye until next year! We’re both feeling under the weather but plowing through because we don’t have the time to truly be sick. And amidst it all, beautiful fall weather has arrived and I can only hope it stays around!

So I’ve started cooking dinner on Wednesday nights for Will and may even adopt Monday nights for cooking as well. Will is trying to prep me in case his internship isn’t in Williamsburg this summer – he’s very insistent that I will cook for myself and not starve (hah). As a result, he has requested I start selecting recipes and cooking for us more, so I’m more proficient and accustomed to being independent in the kitchen. It’s very sweet of him and I must say, I am getting better than I’ve been in the past! I find it amusing that I started this blog two years ago with the purpose of Will teaching me to cook and here we are, just now, where I’m learning to be independent in the kitchen. I can be a bit…stubborn. But that’s okay because the more I try to cook, the more I realize it’s not as scary or intimidating as I think it is! For example, I made this recipe all by myself while Will wrapped up writing a paper before class one week and it turned out really well. This recipe came from my bridal shower and was submitted by Aunt Marty to be part of my Friends & Family recipe binder (separate from the recipe binder Will and I have created…too many binders). We didn’t think it would be too different from other recipes we’ve made before, since we use the main ingredients fairly often – basil, chicken, coconut and curry. However, this combination  was delicious and is definitely one you should try!

Do you ever have those recipes that when you flip through your recipe binder you go, “Holy moly! Why haven’t I made that recently?” And by recently, you mean within the last 2+ years, since you started a cooking blog? Well, we’ve had a few of those moments in the past month, as we’ve been organizing, purging and including new cookbooks/recipes into our repertoire. We’re going through a bit of a cookbook stage at the moment, which includes our freshly renewed recipe binder. We apparently had a lot of recipes that we had snagged from cookbooks a few years back, that we now own the actual cookbooks for. So as we were clearing those out, we came across a handful of recipes that we consider “old favorites” that we hadn’t dug up for years. This chicken curry recipe is one of them! While we’ve made another similar Chicken in Peanut Sauce recipe, we hadn’t cooked up this chicken peanut curry since we started blogging (I tell ya, blogging is the best way to keep track of what you eat!). It immediately jumped to the top of the list of things to cook and to share on the blog, so I’m very excited to present it to you!