Spicy Lentil TacosIt’s another taco truck! Beep beep! We’ve been having lots of fun in the kitchen trying out new vegetarian recipes and this was another winner from The Southern Vegetarian. While we’ve made lentil tacos before (I am hardcore cringing at those photos), we both definitely rank this recipe higher than the previous one. This had a distinct, smoky tex mex flavor to it that really played into the lentils well. It’s such a straightforward recipe and my biggest suggestion is to ensure that you definitely use the two different types of chili powders; I would even encourage you to add others in! It makes all the difference in the world flavor-wise for making this more exciting than “oh, we’re having lentils for dinner.” I would also like to point out that we ended up with more lentil mixture and toppings than we had tacos for, so we made some rice and made taco bowls out of them! They were equally delicious 🙂

Soy Chorizo TacosSo how exactly do you follow up on your big announcement post? Um, well, you can’t. At least not super easily. Instead of trying to do outdo the whole “we’re a .com now” thing, I figured it best to just keep chugging right along, business as usual. I mean, obviously I’m super stoked about the whole thing. Beyond stoked, actually. But that does you no good to hear me blabber on about the whole blog conversion thing, when you’re really just here for recipes. I’ll spare you the blabber and jump straight to it: Soy Chorizo Tacos. I hear half of you saying “ewwwww” and the other half saying “hmmm.” Fair enough, friends.

Greetings from the West Coast! Approximately 1.2 trillion things have happened in our lives since our last post, so please forgive the unfocused oversharing in this post and the ones to come in the next few days. Since we’ve last posted:

  • Will graduated from W&M for the second time, with his master’s this go-round
  • We spent three weeks in South Africa on a study abroad opportunity/vacation
  • Will continued interviewing for jobs all over the country like the badass he is
  • Will got offered a position at a university in Tacoma and accepted
  • Will’s boss sent Megan’s resume around the school and Megan subsequently got interviewed/hired at the same university
  • We packed up our lives and left Virginia on July 1, taking a 10-day road trip across the country (with the cats) and stopped to see several friends along the way
  • We moved in to our new apartment in Tacoma and have spent a week learning our way about and finding all sorts of cool things to do in our new city
  • We have ogled Mount Rainier from afar on the days it unearths itself from the clouds
  • And tomorrow we begin work at our new jobs

Another day, another new recipe. This one is particularly exciting because it mimics the delicious sofritas recipe from everyone’s favorite “fast-food” chain, Chipotle. I’d even venture to say that in my experience, Lindsay’s recipe is better than what Chipotle has designed. This recipe has more kick to it and you feel better knowing that the tofu hasn’t been sitting out getting soggy for a bit, while people looked it over for other meats. Plus there are few things as wonderful as cotija cheese and homemade guac. You really just can’t beat either. So when I came across this recipe on Pinch of Yum, Will and I immediately moved it to the top of the “to-make” list.  We were so glad we did – not only did it meet the requirement of feeding us for several days, it also was super-duper-deliciously-good. Hands down, we recommend this recipe for everyone who loves Chipotle and/or tofu (or wants to try tofu), to try. Pinch of Yum has never led us wrong (and you should also totally 100% check out their website – they are just the most amazing).

I think it may be a well-established fact that we are not football people. However, that did not detract from us being able to enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday, primarily for the food and friends. Being the Cooking with Willis team, we of course had to bring something new and exciting to the party and this dip was it! We could’ve made our Chili con Queso, Cranberry Salsa and Cream Cheese, Seven-Layer Dip, or really anything else we’ve done before. But when you’ve got a reputation to keep up, bringing something new and exciting to a party is essentially a requirement! This recipe was one that Will saw on Buzzfeed a couple weeks ago, in preparation for the Super Bowl. It fit in perfectly with the traditional seven-layer dip, buffalo chicken dip, chili dip and various other Super Bowl foods. Cotija is quite possibly the most magic cheese that ever existed, so this is sure to please any crowd for any occasion. Most all of it was gobbled up and we only had a little leftover to enjoy the next night (and take pictures of). Try this with blue corn tortilla chips and you should be in dip heaven!

Serious question, people of the blogosphere world: do you read the intros to blog posts? And if so, do you prefer if the food is talked about or if there are anecdotes from every day life? When I sit down and brainstorm writing an intro to a blogpost, I often wonder what people are looking for and if they’re even reading along. Will swears by the fact that he clicks on a recipe because of the title and/or picture, and then just scrolls down to the recipe, skipping all the fluff. Depending on the blog, I sometimes do the same. But other blogs pull me in with their bits of every day life and their stories – blogs like Sally’s Baking Addiction, Pinch of Yum and Smitten Kitchen.  It’s not necessarily what they’re writing that’s profound, but instead I’m impressed by the simple act of finding tidbits from their everyday lives that they craft into interesting stories for their audiences to read. So I ask you as readers: do you care what is written in this portion and if so, what’s your preference? I want to be challenged as a writer, but also reach the audience that I am speaking to. Leave some comments below to let me know (if you even are reading this) what your thoughts are!

What a long weekend it has been! We feel like we’ve barely seen each other, since I’ve been out of the house for seemingly the entire time. I began my weekend on Saturday morning with a conference call for an alumni affinity group I’m president of, which was quickly followed by heading to a Williamsburg Symphonia concert that I had served on the planning committee for. When I got to the performance location, we were trying to pull off all set-up/rehearsal/concert in one day, between 8AM and the start of the concert at 8PM. The staging/sound/lights was probably the most challenging part and thankfully I didn’t have much to do with that – I got to set tables,  tend to musicians needs and then sit back and enjoy the show! The committee did a great job and the whole thing was wonderful-start to finish.

We have spent our entire day cleaning and rearranging our apartment and I have to say, we are pleased with the improvements! It feels good to declutter and open the space back up in our humble abode. We don’t have the smallest apartment in the world, but we certainly aren’t swimming in space, so little adjustments can make a world of difference. We cleared a lot of unnecessary space that was being taken up, in our bedroom, which allows it to feel a little more open and zen. We also managed to do a pretty good job of rearranging the “spare” room (aka the junk room) so that there was more space available to strategically store (and hide) stuff we decided to keep. A lot of the projects we accomplished were things we had been hoping to do before the school year, but just never had the time between Will’s travel and my work schedule. But that’s okay because now it’s done, just in time for my mom to visit next weekend!

Well folks, it’s been a few! We took a lovely little trip to Floyd, VA to attend Floydfest with Will’s parents. After several days of camping, it felt good to return home to our own rain and wind-free place. However, right after returning Will has left me once again to visit his grandmother in California! The last text I got said he and Aunt Marty were heading to an In-n-Out Burger. I’m a little jealous to say the least, despite writing off red meat not too long ago. But still, it’s legendary! I can’t wait to hear how much he likes it AND how much authentic Mexican food he eats this week. If only he could bring me back avocados…

I’m not doing a great job so far, but I am still toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian. This recipe was one that I found on Vegetarian Times, which was linked from a yoga website. I saw this on the front page and thought it sounded good and that I’d give it a shot. And while it was not the most amazing recipe I’ve ever made, I definitely did enjoy it and the amount of food I made lasted for days. The recipe said it made four servings and I definitely used all eight tortillas that came in the bag, before finally running out of food. I feel like if Will was around, this recipe would’ve ended up being closer to its original serving size, but alas, I guess my portion quantities are a bit…off. It didn’t matter too much though, because I found another creative use for the ingredients…read on to find out!