It’s almost Friday and you know what that calls for?? PIZZA! Well, at least in my mind, Fridays = pizza day. So why not make a gourmet pizza for yourself to celebrate the end of another week? There’s no need to spend money when all you need to do is spend a little time in your kitchen. Easier said than done, I know. Not everyone has Will in their kitchen like I do. But that doesn’t mean this is an impossible dish. If you really wanted to make it easier, you could even buy a pre-made dough and then top it with all these ingredients to achieve the same results. But I can assure you from many years of homemade-pizza-dough-making, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. I have been known to do it, which as you know, means it can’t be that difficult.

I came up with this recipe and I am so proud of myself! I think the most wonderful thing about experimenting with making a recipe, is when it actually turns out to be a success. That’s never guaranteed, especially if you’ve got one in mind but have never even consulted a recipe before making it. With this recipe, I knew I’d need to make a tried-and-true pizza dough, because I’m just not cool enough to come up with one on my own. But otherwise, I figured with a little knowledge from here and there, I was armed and capable to pull together the toppings and that I would *hopefully* be successful.

It’s charming. Sometimes I’ll take the time to edit pictures and type up recipes, but then leave the “dialogue” part of the blogpost blank. Or on occasion, I’ll leave myself some notes in case I find myself typing up a post a month or so after we’ve made the food. And on certain occasions, that “note” I’ve left myself looks something like this:

These are the moments I shake my head and roll my eyes at myself. I mean seriously, how did I think that would be useful? Other than in this instance, it’s 100% the truth and really the only way to describe this recipe. I think the multiple exclamation points appropriately portrays the enthusiasm I have for this meal.

This is a special recipe, y’all. We snagged this one from a local Blue Ridge Mountain publication called Edible Blue Ridge when we went to do our wedding tasting at our caterer’s. This recipe in particular, was a feature of our caterer’s, in the publication! Currey (our caterer) is an awesome person to work with, so I’ve been excited at the prospect of giving this recipe a shot. Plus, it features things that aren’t even close to what will be on our wedding menu! And needless to say, we were nothing but impressed with the result of these pizzas. If you’re hesitant to try it because it’s a little time-consuming, go ahead and plan it for a night where you know you’ll have the time to set aside to cook it, because this recipe is 100% worth every second of time invested in it! There’s nothing quite like fresh asparagus in the summertime, so to enjoy them over a bed of dough, potatoes, and goat cheese, is as close to heavenly as you can get (admittedly, goat cheese is one of my top three favorite cheese). It’s a savory flavor combination between the slightly sweet cheese, fried leeks, and the doughy bread. I just can’t brag about this recipe enough and I implore you to try it!

Mushroom-Pesto-Pizza-1024x685Once again, we decided to make a recipe and try it out on our friend Courtney. However, with this particular recipe, we were pretty confident going in because it was just another pizza recipe. Having used the ingredients for other pizzas, the only major new thing about this one is that they were combined on one pizza! This was also exciting because it was the first time we used such a large chunk of our newest herb garden addition, oregano. Needless to say, this turned out to be a refreshing addition to our pizza repertoire and included our latest veggie addition of mushrooms-we have found ourselves using them a lot! (Courtney requested a no-mushrooms part of the pizza and it was still tasty, just for the record).

We love making pizzas. Absolutely love it. I’m not sure there’s anything else we prefer making more than a pizza. This newest pizza is no exception to our collection of recipes and to make it even better, Will creatively derived it on his own (other than our standard dough recipe). He took his knowledge of a few different recipes he had seen and came up with his own way of combining them. He also relied on typical Mediterranean-inspired ingredients we use often, to inspire him. Something you could add to it to make it even “more” Mediterranean would be olives, however we don’t like them which is why you won’t find them in our food!

It has obviously been too long since I last posted (a few days-the horror!) and I am ready to be back on track! I can hardly believe I only have a semester left of graduate school, but I am so happy to be done for the semester and ready to enjoy what Will and I like to call “normal life.” Normal life involves me doing more cooking, catching up on many TV shows we’ve gotten behind on (30 Rock and SNL, get at me), practicing more clarinet, working, and cuddling more often with a certain kitty who is currently snuggled up, purring and snoozing in my lap. So with a glass of wine nearby and Oscar in my lap, it is time to catch up on blogging!

Ate this for dinner last night, cold for breakfast this morning, and will eat it again for dinner tonight. It is that good. This pizza makes up for the okay soup that we had been eating all week. What I particularly liked about this pizza was the dough. We’ve made pizza dough from Budget Bytes before with pretty good success, but making this dough felt like working in a pizza place. It actually looked like it had been made in a pizza place, too. It had the right smooth and elastic texture that you need for a really doughy taste. When we baked the pizza, the dough didn’t quite crisp up as much as we’re used too, so we think for tonight we’ll pre-bake the dough for a little bit (which the recipe actually suggests and I noticed while typing up the recipe just now)! I don’t mind the fluffier dough taste (in fact, I prefer it), but Will really likes his pizza dough crispy, especially on the bottom.

This was a potential disaster that ended up being a HUGE success! Tonight, we made kale mozzarella tomato pizza from scratch, including the dough. Will mixed the dough up last night and we let it sit in a bowl to rise for the last day. He admitted to me earlier tonight that he might have accidentally put an extra 1/2 cup of water in the mixture and while I played it cool, I was internally freaking out that he had messed everything up.