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Another week, another drink recipe. A cocktail is always an appropriate hump-day recipe to share. After the busy workweek we’ve had with the onslaught of students returning to campus and sorting out all the things, it’s a time for a good stiff drink. As a co-worker of mine said today, “if I was a drinkin’ gal, I’d be a-drinkin’ tonight!” I assured her I’d have a drink for both of us, if she was going to pass on the whole thing. Instead, I went for a run and have rehearsal but ya know…details. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy this bev for all of us and it doesn’t mean you can’t keep enjoying it as the last days of summer drag on as we shift into fall. I got a prelim of fall today as I blazed through piles of leaves during my run, which actually made me jump because I wasn’t expecting to hear the loud crunching sound! West Coast > East Coast when it comes to jumping right into fall. I am so excited to see what the rest of the season brings. In fact, we may treat ourselves to a little PNW wardrobe flair this weekend: more flannel shirts, mid-weight sweaters, a new puff vest, and weather-appropriate wind/rain jackets. So thrilled for this beautiful weather and feeling fortunate to have moved here! Also, speaking of all wonderful PNW things, everyone needs to check out this hilarious Instagram account mocking the stereotypes of the area here. Trust.

Another week, another hump day passing. That calls for a drink, does it not? Similar to our Blackberry Mint Spiked Lemonade, we’ve been on a summer cocktail spree recently. With the perfect weather we experience in Tacoma, it’s hard not to kick back a creative, light summer-y cocktail, particularly after being outside all day. It’s hard to believe that it was only last Wednesday that we spent exploring Mt. Rainier National Park. What a sight to behold! The mountain is HUGE. Which we knew, obviously. We see it most days of the week on our way into work. But to be right up on it like that? Pretty incredible. We know it’s not even at its best this summer because of a dry winter season, combined with the drought this summer. However, that did not deter from our trip there!

Have you ever been to a bar at 4:30 in the morning, on purpose? Yeah me either, until this past Saturday. I’ve never been out that late nor have I been up that early with the explicit purpose of going to a bar. But there was a very, very good reason to be at a bar at 4:30 AM this past Saturday. That’s because the English Premier League season opener for Tottenham Hotspur was playing! And like the good wife that I am, I tagged along with Will to see the Spurs surprisingly not get crushed by Manchester United (I had pretty low hopes for the Spurs, tbh). It was actually quite fun and you’d be surprised to know that there’s a contingency of Spurs fans in Tacoma, including the owner of said bar, Doyle’s, that are willing to get up at that hour and watch games. We rolled in around 4:35 and a handful of people had already staked out seats, clad in many years of Spurs kits, with a cup of coffee in hand. We settled into a booth, got our requisite coffee and prepared for the worst. The Spurs did better than we (I) expected losing only 1-0 to Man U. The Spurs fans were excitable and fun, mostly a younger crowd but inclusive of a guy in his 50s or 60s that was from England – a true, lifelong Spurs fan (the poor soul). We eventually got a proper English breakfast to share and definitely enjoyed an Irish coffee at 6 AM when alcohol was allowed to be served. And by 6:45 AM, the game was over and we were on our way! Talk about an experience.

Dry Martini

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Congratulations! It’s Friday! You have made it through yet another long week. In doing so, that means you deserve to treat yourself to a drink. What better than a classic beverage such as the dry martini? This drink is not just for older gents, as it usually implies. The dry martini is in fact, when made well (we presume we made this well…) is a pretty darn good drink and perfectly strong. While gin is often not many folks’ first choice of alcohol, with a quality gin, the dry martini is a stellar choice for feeling like a grown-up. Will broke down and bought bitters, which is why we had the opportunity to finally try the martini. And much to our surprise, this recipe was a success! So if you’ve never tried to make your own or been to shy to order one when out and about, then this is your chance! Get yourself a good gin and go to town!

Gin & Tonic

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We had the distinct pleasure of hosting our friend Dan last week during spring break. I met Dan while I was in grad school in Florida and knew that he and Will would definitely need to become friends. Fast forward a couple years and Dan is also living in Virginia, working towards his DMA in French Horn performance. A brother in the same fraternity as Will and a man with a dry wit, Dan finally came down to Williamsburg to visit the colonial capital and hang out with us and the monsters. Emma took a particular liking to him and I’m still wishing he had taken her back with him…she was forlorn for days after he left. It was fun having him around as we showed off the colonial part of Williamsburg, visited Jamestowne Island (the real original settlement), shared some local brews and old (and new) Virginia food, and were serenaded by Dan on both horn and ukulele. It was nice having someone in town who was not part of our everyday crowd!

Vanilla Hot Toddy

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Well wasn’t today just the perfect little snow day! Despite the cats’ best efforts, we got to sleep in, drink peppermint hot cocoa mochas while watching the snow fall, bid farewell to Pawnee, install new curtains in the bedroom, tromp around (and clear out) some snow, bake cookies and we are now relaxing after taking a hot shower after all of our shoveling! Of course the perfect addition to our evening has been a new twist on one of Will’s favorite drinks, the hot toddy. Warm, spicy and sweet, this beverage will put you right to sleep if you aren’t careful! A traditional winter beverage, this is often what Will makes us in the evenings, after dinner, so of course today could be no exception. So put on your fuzzy slippers and mix up one of these to significantly improve your snowed-in evening!

Summer Shandy

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Have you been outside recently? It’s gorgeous. Fall is very clearly in the air and I’m so excited! I figured I needed to throw some of my last summer recipes up on the blog, before September sneaks away and summer is officially completely over. Most people who know me, know I’m not the biggest fan of summer, so I’m not exactly sad to say good-bye to hot days and humid weather. Nights like tonight, with the windows open and the bugs quietly humming, while the occasional cool breeze blows in, are absolute perfection.

While we say goodbye to summer, it doesn’t mean all good things have to come to an end. This drink recipe is technically called a “summer” recipe, but really, it would do in any season. I stumbled across this when looking for a beverage recipe for my best friend’s bridal shower back in August, which was themed around her honeymoon in St. Lucia. (She is actually currently on that honeymoon, having gotten married this past weekend…Amanda, I hope you’re enjoying all the shandy’s that you can!!) I fell in love with the simplicity and sweet/tartness of this drink. After testing a couple different recipes and even using a “summer shandy” beer, I have determined that this one is the most appealing to me. The mix of a good hefeweizen and some slightly sweet lemonade, is my recommendation for this one. So mix it up, relax and enjoy!


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How is it already September and already Wednesday? I feel like I’ve had five Mondays this week and I even had Monday off! I anticipate my life will just increasingly spiral between now and October 16, which is the first day of Homecoming. So friends, if you’re a W&M alum, please register here and if you’re not a fellow alum, please be patient as I continue to prepare for this HUGE event! Thankfully, I am part of a wonderful three-person team that remains super on top of things, but no matter how good you are at organizing, an event as huge as Homecoming is bound to be a storm. I am beyond excited to be able to present events to my fellow alumni and get to work specifically on the Parade (please come!), part of the Friday Night Block Party, Coffee & Conversation with the President, the Children’s Carnival, Wrenstock, Pregame/Halftime shows, Young Guarde Beer Garden and Alumni Coffee. That sounds like a lot, but it’s only a small part of the many events taking place that weekend. I’m terrified but also crazy pumped for it to get here!

There is nothing that can greet you in the morning like a wonderful cup of coffee. As I write this, I’m still sipping on my first cup of absinthe-flavored coffee. There are few things that can start your day off quite like a strong cup o’ joe and it’s important to know how to do it right! Don’t be disillusioned – we don’t make French press or espresso every morning of the week. We’re normal and have a coffeemaker where we can preset the time it brews, the night before. Before that, we had a little 4-cup coffeemaker that wasn’t even capable of being preset. But we certainly do enjoy making more specialty coffees, particularly on the weekends! Below you will find the instructions for making a wonderful brew of French press coffee, with step-by-step pictures (don’t get used to that – this was easy to take pictures of along the way; I’m not usually that coordinated!).

Mint Mojito

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Summertime means cocktails time! If you’ve followed the blog before, you know how much we love having an herb garden and this is why. It’s because when you want a beverage (or food) that needs something fresh, like mint, it’s right there. There is nothing worse than having a craving and needing to run to the store to complete a recipe, when you have all but one ingredient at home. I’ll admit even for this one, we didn’t have club soda so we just used water the first time. Club soda is now in our house, prepared for the next mojito craving!