Happy Friday friends! I hope you’re gearing up for a busy, fun weekend, like we are. We’ve been squeezing it all in recently, with the end of the academic year drawing to a close. I’ve been attending concerts and recitals most weekends and this one will be no exception! We’ve also been watching lots of soccer, as the BPL season comes to and end, and Will has been playing a lot as well. Plus, on top of all that, kitten season is nigh, so I have lots of adoption-related activities coming up at The Humane Society including a Kitten Shower tomorrow to garner interest in fostering kittens. On top of it all, we’ve been hosting lots of friends, now that we finally have a kitchen table that Will has completed! We had some friends from college over last weekend and are hosting our Spurs group after final games this Sunday. And then we’ve also been GOING to friends parties, including a Siete de Mayo party at Mandi and Billy’s house last weekend and are going to a Minimalist Baker-themed potluck tomorrow for a friends birthday. All the social activities!

DSC_0294We eat so many things that it is extremely difficult to keep up! I’ve had to recognize the blog is no longer a top-three priority in my life, but that’s okay! I still will do my best to share recipes as we try them and still try to share those we love and those we don’t. We are cooking up plenty of new recipes still and specifically, are really delving into our vegetarianism/vegan foods. We have been cooking a lot recently from a vegan Indian cookbook and our Southern vegetarian cookbook just arrived this week – so excited!! I’d almost say we’re going through more of a cookbook phase than blog phase these days, but that wouldn’t be entirely true…we still love looking at blogs, but our main resource has pretty much just become The Kitchn. We’ve been having a lot of fun though and I’ve been better about helping Will out in the kitchen, particularly with making breakfasts and at least a couple dinners a week. Cooking has finally started to become a shared effort, which is only fair since my self-prescribed dietary restrictions are controlling what we consume!

DSC_0195I strongly believe that all areas of life should be inspired by art. Maybe not in the traditional sense when you think of it, but anything with an artistic and creative base. This roots from my upbringing in a household of artists, exposing me to original oils and watercolors on the walls by my grandmother and mother, art classes and innovative summer art camps led by my mother, and photography sessions with my dad to perfect the observant eye. Will also grew up in an artistic family, tracing back to his great-grandparents who all met in art school and went on to do marketing design for the auto industry, to his grandmother who has her own original art displayed around her charming home in Santa Barbara, to his aunt who is a professional artist (and I think some of you may actually have some of her coloring books – her current professional medium; her son is also a professional artist), his other aunt who’s art was done through jewelry and purse-making from kimonos which one of her daughters has now adopted, to his own mother who produces art in several mediums, most recently through felting and watercolor.

Asparagus & Avocado Toast

So we’ve been having a recent obsession with avocado. We’ve always liked avocado, but eating as vegetarians combined with living on the West Coast, has really upped our avocado game. Every week now, we buy a bag of avocados, whether we really need them or not. Most of our lunches nowadays involve avocado, whether the recipe calls for it or not. Recipes like this one catch our eye specifically because of their avocadoness. Yup, that’s a word now. Avocadoness. But seriously, you may not *think* that an avocado mash topped with asparagus would be filling, but you would be thinking wrong. You have to ensure that you have a quality multigrain bread (we used this fabulous Mt. Hood Multigrain & Flax by Franz Bakery) to really make sure you fill up, but otherwise it’s all about that avocadoness. This recipe could easily be adapted to include other roasted veggies toppings, but honestly, the avocado/asparagus combo is pretty genius.

Roasted Veggie Lunches

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Procrastination Station. That’s where I’m at y’all. It’s a hard place to be, right between the Struggle Bus and the Hot Mess Express. I still can’t get over the fact that October’s here and the leaves are falling outside. But October means many great things! We have lots of fun and exciting things scheduled in October and some have already happened. For example, we have already enjoyed going to our first Sounders match this past Sunday. Even though the team drew, it was still exciting to be in a stadium with 55,000+ other people to watch a regular season soccer match. We managed to snag really great seats behind one of the nets, so we felt very close to a lot of action. Sounders played Galaxy, which is essentially the place old English players go when they want to “retire” (thanks Beckham), so Will was pretty excited to see a couple former Spurs players on the field, from when he first started watching. In fact, I often had to remind him that we were there to see the Sounders not the Galaxy. Either way, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our overpriced pretzel and beer, while watching a pretty decent game.

Um, hi October. Nice to see ya. When did you decide to show up? Because I definitely thought you were still a couple months away. It feels like we just moved to Tacoma, but the leaves on the ground have been telling us otherwise, for the last couple weeks. It’s been absolutely beautiful here – warm(ish), crisp days, cool clear evenings. We’ve been enjoying time outside and have even had to turn the heat on a couple times, in our cars at least. It’s absolutely wonderful to be in early October and not having to worry about being too warm, but rather being too chilly. A total reverse of our normal situation!

Okay, so if you were hesitant to click on this post, I don’t blame you. I admit: tempeh is a little weird. It’s a bit strange in texture and has an odd flavor. This is our first venture down the tempeh pike and we’re a little unsteady in our steps. Was it immediately our favorite thing ever? Nope. Would we give it another try? Sure. Were the bones of this recipe good? Absolutely! So if you’re unsure of tempeh, you could easily swap tofu or chicken and enjoy this dish equally as much, if not more. The dressing was phenomenal and the ingredients were an incredibly flavorful mixture. We would try it again, likely with tofu, because we enjoyed the majority of aspects of this. As a plus, it includes fresh avocado, which you can never go wrong with! Give it a try and let us know how you improve it!

Croque Monsieur

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We have officially reached adulthood. I have decided this. Last night, we went to the Verizon store to upgrade Will’s phone and did all the adult things: picked out the phone he wanted (not necessarily whatever was cheapest), avoided the lure of the “EDGE” monthly payment “deal” on our bill (which any “deals” make me suspicious), avoided the overpriced case, tempered glass screen and car charger. We managed to simply leave with the new phone, appropriate case and even got money off for turning in Will’s “old” but still working fine, phone. And we paid upfront (not scheme-y monthly deals) like it was no big thing. But it was a big thing! We did the adult things and it feels so good. It’s certainly not like we’re made of money, but having planned and anticipated for a couple months that we would be doing this, we had set aside the money in our budget (fellow 20-somethings: does the word budget scare you?) to allow for the upgrade at the beginning of February. How adult is that?!?!?! Sorry folks, just had to humblebrag that we have stumbled through what was truly our first year of adulthood since we got married and I became legit-employed, and have now come out on the other side with lessons learned, money saved and a feeling of conquering adult decisions. It’s comforting to have finally made it here.

What a long weekend it has been! We feel like we’ve barely seen each other, since I’ve been out of the house for seemingly the entire time. I began my weekend on Saturday morning with a conference call for an alumni affinity group I’m president of, which was quickly followed by heading to a Williamsburg Symphonia concert that I had served on the planning committee for. When I got to the performance location, we were trying to pull off all set-up/rehearsal/concert in one day, between 8AM and the start of the concert at 8PM. The staging/sound/lights was probably the most challenging part and thankfully I didn’t have much to do with that – I got to set tables,  tend to musicians needs and then sit back and enjoy the show! The committee did a great job and the whole thing was wonderful-start to finish.

What a beautiful winter day it is – the sun is out, the leaves are falling and the temperature is just right! Oscar certainly is enjoying basking in the sunlight this morning, taking in all the beauty of the woods behind us (what a lucky boy!). It’s hard to believe yesterday was so gross and rainy and overall, completely disgusting out. Today’s weather is perfect for going to Grand Illumination with friends, tonight! Crisp days like this make me so happy. I’m looking forward to wrapping some Christmas presents, working some Symphonia concerts, then spending the evening with some warm apple cider in Colonial Williamsburg, watching the fireworks!