Sweet Potato Mac and CheeseHi everybody! It’s Courtney again. The Courtney who usually sends in sweet, fatty, overly decadent posts to guest. I do that because those are the dishes I get most excited about, but they aren’t what I eat most of the time – even 20% of the time. Most of what I eat is full of veggies and plant-based protein sources. This dish, though. This combines everything I love about a rich, winter casserole (it’s been down to the single digits here in Boston and we need things to stick to the ribs!) and features more veggies than you can shake a stick at. Even better, nearly everything is local. The Boston Public Market – a year-round indoor farmer’s market – opened this year and is right on my commute home. Everything at the market must come from within 100 miles of Boston. This has been wonderful for my life but terrible for my wallet.

If the Thanksgiving post was tardy, then this post is so beyond belated. I want to wrap up as many 2014 recipes IN 2014 as I can, before the new year full of new recipes arrives. This last week of December will essentially be a race to the finish, to see if I can share what we were up to, in the appropriate year! That being said, we’ll be traveling so much in the next two weeks, that we may not have any recipes to post in the new year, if I meet my goal. HAH who am I kidding? Of course we’ll be cooking along the way, especially considering we’re celebrating two Christmas’ before 2015 arrives.

Well hello there. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you all here. I was busy with travel things, work things and….oh wait, I’m out of excuses already. I’ll admit: I kind of forgot I had a food blog for a couple weeks there. But after cooking two awesome recipes from our favorite food bloggers, I realized “Hey! I’m taking pictures of these recipes….why am I doing that again?” And then I remembered that oh yes, I too had a small little food blog where I share the joys of our kitchen and those who are kind enough to share with us. And it’s kind of a fun thing, believe it or not. I thought maintaining Cooking With Willis while in grad school was hard. Maintaining Cooking With Willis while adulting is harder, for sure.

Hi Cookers with Willis! I’m Amanda – most recently you may have heard of me from bridal events, or if you’re a fan of the campfire bake. I have been overwhelmed with wedding planning, so I have been looking for ways to buy myself extra time each day. Jesse (my wonderful fiancé) requested I bake muffins since they’re his favorite, so I thought I would share my recipe with you all as well!

These muffins are NOT going to taste like the muffins you get at Starbucks or Panera or really any other chain coffeehouse/breakfast place. Those are more like cupcakes without frosting. These are not very sweet and they’re more crumbly. So basically, everything I’ve come to love out of a good “pair with coffee” breakfast baked good.

I’m so proud to share a documentary that my neighbor and friend Alexis made, with her colleagues at The Health Journal (subsequent article here). The importance of knowing where and who your food comes from, is so crucial to the sustainability of the worlds future supply. While I am toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian (more on that later), this film really hit home as to why it is so significant to find farmers you know and can trust, to provide you with the best-quality meals possible, whether that’s veggies/fruit, dairy products, eggs or meats. If that means buying organic/free-range/cage-free foods at the grocery store, then that’s at least one step in the right direction. To get the opportunity to work with a co-op, a local market or going to a farmers market to purchase your foods, is completely worth it in my opinion because the food that you put into your body is what you thrive on. As humans, we need food to survive, so why not provide the vessel with which we walk this Earth with the best possible nutrients we can? Being cognizant of what you put it can only benefit how you feel, your overall health and the longevity of your life.

It’s Courtney again, and this time not doing dessert! This is a recipe I throw together on cold nights, and here in Boston we went from 70 and sunny to freezing rain. You can put this together quickly, with pretty much any proteins or vegetables in the fridge – or none at all, if you for instance, just got back from Zumba and don’t feel like cooking much.

You all have seen me request it on Facebook, but now I’m going to formally and politely make this request on the blog itself. If you ever have a delicious recipe that you think others would like, please feel free to share it with CWW! We love to feature friends, family and others on the blog, with the creative and enticing recipes you come up with! I try not to troll people that I know too often, by stalking their Facebook or Instagram posts for intriguing photos of food they’ve made. But know that when you’re posting food, I’m probably watching! So instead of making me creepily invite you to do a guest post, please feel free to share what you’ve made with CWW and be a featured guest blogger!

I’m excited to share a recipe from a friend of mine today, named Hayley. She’s a good friend from undergrad who lives just up the road in Richmond these days. She regularly posts pictures of delicious food on FB/Instagram, both from awesome restaurants she’s trying in Richmond, as well as what she makes for herself. I finally snagged her to guest blog when she posted these super tasty-looking breakfast tacos over the weekend! I especially appreciate her sharing this easy-to-make recipe with me because she is a vegetarian; you can never have too many meat-free dishes to share and I love seeing what she eats and how she works around meals that typically include meat. Here’s what she had to say about her first recipe on the blog: “I am honored to have been asked to write a post for this blog, given that I am the type of person who has realized over the last two years that I simply don’t care enough about cooking to even make a blog about low-key cooking. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I don’t make blog-worthy food every now and then (at least according to Megan)!” Welcome, Hayley, to the CWW team of guest bloggers!*

It’s Courtney again! Baking is something that relaxes me, so I do it when I get the chance. I don’t eat too much of it though – usually one portion is enough. This, of course, means my friends, coworkers, and roommate suddenly find themselves in possession of all the leftovers, but I haven’t heard too many complaints.

Hello Dollies

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These little bars are a guaranteed hit, if you’re looking for a simple to make crowd-pleaser. The amount of time they lasted in my office? About 30 minutes…and that was without everyone around. And since then? One of my coworkers has mentioned almost every day “how great it would be to have some Hello Dollies around here”. I think he liked them. Anyways, so long as people don’t have a nut allergy or dislike coconut, you should be pretty good to go with these puppies. My mother’s been making them for years and I always assumed they were really complicated, because they look like they have so many intricate details. Turns out I was wrong, as I learned when she passed along the recipe to me at my bridal shower.* I will warn that despite being easy to make, they are super messy to eat, so always have napkins or a plate nearby!