Oops, it’s past time to finish wrapping up our trip to Louisville, long after parts one and two have been posted! I’ll combine days three and four, since we lost some of our steam after the second day in a row spent eating. Have I mentioned yet that we consumed a lot of food? We consumed a lot of food while we were there. We also consumed a lot of bourbon, but I don’t see the harm in that!


IMG_4604Louiville, Day 2! After a long, food-filled first day in Louisville, we slept in suuuuuuuuper late on Friday. When we finally woke up, it was practically lunchtime so we decided to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. After a couple cups of coffee at our AirBNB (and an epic battle with a weird Keurig machine), we wandered over to top attraction, Feast BBQ. Will had read about this place online and it had already come up and been suggested a couple times since our arrival, so clearly it was a must-eat. What was so great about Feast was that it’s a bit of a hipster place, meaning I had plenty of vegetarian options including none other than tofu BBQ! This was thrilling because it meant I could partake in the tasty BBQ flavors without having to just settle for sides (not that that’s typically a problem…)


Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky! Well, sort of. Will and I took a mini-vacation to Louisville last week, prior to a work conference he had this week. We took a redeye flight out on a Wednesday night, arriving in Louisville mid-morning Thursday and we hit the ground running! Our plan was to eat and drink our way through this Southern town and reconnect with our tasty Southern roots. To say we succeeded is an understatement. We truly consumed so many beverages and so much food, that I’ll break this down by day, to share the photos and flavors of Louisville with y’all! I had fully intended to write this as we went, but we barely were in our AirBNB, since we were out enjoying the sights, sounds and flavors of LUHVUL.

Pike Place Mac n CheeseTo wrap up posting about Courtney’s visit, I wanted to share the recipe we made while she was here, with ingredients primarily purchased at Pike Place Market in Seattle! While the market was manic the Friday we visited, we still managed to get harassed by Pappardelle’s Pasta as we walked by, forced into trying some dark chocolate pasta. Upon discovering that was good, we tested some others and settled on getting some garlic and chive shells to make for dinner. Without much more of a plan, we kept shopping and thinking about what to make. We were planning to swing by Beecher’s cheese for the samples anyways, when it dawned on us to make a mac ‘n cheese from our ingredients! We picked up their flagship cheese, plus some Gruyère to round out the flavors. We had our plan and went about the rest of our day in Seattle.

IMG_4393Admittedly, this seems a bit odd that I’m writing an “on the road” post about our own town, Tacoma, but with Courtney in town, it felt like we were equal parts guests as we are locals! It was beyond fun taking her to all of our favorite local joints for food, beer and so much more. We knew Tacoma was a pretty cool city, but being able to show it off to someone over the course of a few days made it all the sweeter. I’ll keep the chitchat to a minimum and encourage you to read/view on to learn a little more about our adventure around town, primarily through pictures, because let’s be real: we’re millennials and we like taking pix of our food, k??
(PS – We’re always welcome to host visitors whether it’s for an afternoon or several days! Just hit us up to get on our calendar! *cough cough* family and friends *cough cough* #westcoastbestcoast)
(Also, cute picture of Otis looking longingly at his ball in the park up the street, Wright Park, while we were on a walk with Courtney. Ball is life.)

IMG_4367As many of you probably already figured out, you haven’t heard from us in a week because our friend Courtney was in town! We had a blast showing her around Tacoma, Seattle and Mount Rainier and we definitely ate all the things. Had we not kept a running Instagram log of what all we were consuming (#courtneysees253), I don’t know if I would remember it all by now! We only cooked once (!!!) during the entire weekend, so instead we took her to a bunch of restaurants we love, as well as some new joints. We will be sharing our Pike Place Market-inspired recipe at a later date!

IMG_4313This past weekend it was my birthday and we decided to take the day to explore Vashon Island, which is a sub-10 minute ferry ride from Tacoma. We packed up Otis in the car, jacket and all, and drove the Point Defiance to catch the ferry on what was admittedly, not the nicest of days. Chance of rain, chance of sun, guarantee of high winds – somewhat typical day here in Tacoma! Either way, while I was at The Humane Society in the morning to do a cat behavior training class, Will did some research of what we could do at Vashon all day. When I returned home, he declared we were going to the island and had made a card of all the options of things to do! It was supposed to be an “either or” type of list, but we checked off almost everything on there! It involved the consumption of many things, which is why I felt it was appropriate to share here 🙂


As I was trying to come up with which “perfect” recipe to share in my 500th post on Cooking With Willis, it occurred to me that there is no such thing as a “perfect” recipe. I toyed with finally getting around to sharing about our cooking experience in Cape Town, another new wonderful muffin recipe (I’ve been on a muffin kick recently), some of the vegan dishes we’ve been making as of late, or a host of other things. But instead I thought why not write about something a little less typical? There’s nothing particularly significant about crossing the 500 threshold at this point in time, particularly when my enthusiasm for the blog has been clearly waning, in light of new opportunities filling my time. So why not write about what I want to write about, instead of going through the litany of detailing a new recipe, which involves photo editing, uploading, recipe writing, content writing, etc. It’s not that I lack content or recipes – I think I’ve just needed a little break from trying to keep up the pace we were going! It’s harder than it looks, even if you’re just an itty bitty little blog.


Um, hi. Don’t really know where last week went. Do you? I lost it. And October. I mean, geez. We’re starting to talk about Thanksgiving menus and planning Christmas trips and it’s like, helllllooooo my brain is still in August. Minus the weather. The weather is solidly October and I approve. But the weather is not in my brain, and therefore my brain does not understand how it’s halfway through October. Will went on his first business trip last week, we seemed like it was lightyears away when he originally scheduled it. But it has now come and gone and he can check “going to Chicago” off his list. He leaves for Copenhagen in less than two weeks. What the what?!?! I literally can’t understand the speed at which days go by. I met Sally last week. It feels like a year ago. Is anyone else having this problem?!?!

Soy Chorizo TacosSo how exactly do you follow up on your big announcement post? Um, well, you can’t. At least not super easily. Instead of trying to do outdo the whole “we’re a .com now” thing, I figured it best to just keep chugging right along, business as usual. I mean, obviously I’m super stoked about the whole thing. Beyond stoked, actually. But that does you no good to hear me blabber on about the whole blog conversion thing, when you’re really just here for recipes. I’ll spare you the blabber and jump straight to it: Soy Chorizo Tacos. I hear half of you saying “ewwwww” and the other half saying “hmmm.” Fair enough, friends.