Oops, it’s past time to finish wrapping up our trip to Louisville, long after parts one and two have been posted! I’ll combine days three and four, since we lost some of our steam after the second day in a row spent eating. Have I mentioned yet that we consumed a lot of food? We consumed a lot of food while we were there. We also consumed a lot of bourbon, but I don’t see the harm in that!


IMG_4604Louiville, Day 2! After a long, food-filled first day in Louisville, we slept in suuuuuuuuper late on Friday. When we finally woke up, it was practically lunchtime so we decided to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. After a couple cups of coffee at our AirBNB (and an epic battle with a weird Keurig machine), we wandered over to top attraction, Feast BBQ. Will had read about this place online and it had already come up and been suggested a couple times since our arrival, so clearly it was a must-eat. What was so great about Feast was that it’s a bit of a hipster place, meaning I had plenty of vegetarian options including none other than tofu BBQ! This was thrilling because it meant I could partake in the tasty BBQ flavors without having to just settle for sides (not that that’s typically a problem…)


Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky! Well, sort of. Will and I took a mini-vacation to Louisville last week, prior to a work conference he had this week. We took a redeye flight out on a Wednesday night, arriving in Louisville mid-morning Thursday and we hit the ground running! Our plan was to eat and drink our way through this Southern town and reconnect with our tasty Southern roots. To say we succeeded is an understatement. We truly consumed so many beverages and so much food, that I’ll break this down by day, to share the photos and flavors of Louisville with y’all! I had fully intended to write this as we went, but we barely were in our AirBNB, since we were out enjoying the sights, sounds and flavors of LUHVUL.