DSC_0562It’s hard to believe that our first academic year at PLU is coming to an end! I have my final  concert tonight with the PLU concert band and it’s hard to believe that it’s one of the final concerts of the semester! It’s been a whirlwind of an academic and it’s still not quite done yet. With both of us acclimating to new jobs and a new city, the time has flown right by. And while I’m almost done until things ramp back up next fall, Will is not! He actually has yet another business trip coming up! Prepare yourselves to be jealous of this one…..he gets to spend three, yes THREE, weeks in England. Raise your hand if you’re jealous (raises hand). He’ll be working with PLU’s program at Oxford and also likely checking in on other partner programs in the UK and possibly Scotland. (Raises other hand for double jealousy). Unfortunately this was an end-of-budget year decision for his office, so I will not have the opportunity to join him on this trip, but it’s okay because we plan to go back together in the future anyways. He’ll just be working the entire time, right?! RIGHT?!?! He will in fact take a moment of fun to most likely go and visit White Hart Lane, historic home of Spurs, before it is totally demolished this summer, which will be bittersweet after such a phenomenal season from the team. So while I’m sure you, like me, pity the amount of work he’ll be doing, we can all find solace in his one planned excursion for himself. #pitypatrol #sorrynotsorry 

Happy New Year from the Cooking With Willis team! We know it’s been an inconsistent last couple of months and we would like to announce we are going on hiatus until mid-January, due to our upcoming wedding and honeymoon! We’ve got a large backlog of recipes, so get ready for us to bring in 2014 with a bang! As always, thanks for reading and supporting the blog. You are sincerely appreciated and CWW really had a great year in 2013. Here’s to an even better 2014 for this little blog!

Previews of recipes to come:
Wiener Schnitzel and Spaetzle (New Years Eve dinner)
Butterscotch Brownies
Christmas Chicken
Caramel Surprise Snickerdoodles
Homemade Basil Gnocchi

….and the list goes on and on!

Happy cooking! And we’ll be a little busy getting married on the day of CWW’s 2-year blogiversary, so celebrate by cooking without us!

Megan & Will


I am so excited to say that I have reached my one year blogiversary! I never could have guessed a year ago that instead of posting what I was supposedly going to learn daily in the kitchen with Will mostly for myself, that I would instead have a blog with some regular followers and a huge archive of recipes we’ve tried! I’ve been looking back and finishing up on some editing of blog posts from a time before I used to type the recipes, to make the blog as uniform as possible. I’ve made a few discoveries along the way:

This past weekend the company I work for Music Lessons Express hosted its first songwriting workshop for kids. The event was sponsored by favorite grocery store, EarthFare, and the kids got snacks of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (the BEST) and bananas. Well, kids being kids enjoyed the snacks, but didn’t finish off all the bananas. In their defense, there were a lot of bananas; I think EarthFare was overstocked on bananas this weekend because that’s what the Saturday morning text coupon was for too. So after Will went out and got bananas at EarthFare for me, I showed up at home with about eight more bananas. This wouldn’t have been a huge problem except there’s one catch–Will doesn’t really like bananas all that much. He’ll eat them, but certainly was not up for tackling a dozen bananas with me in the next couple days. I managed to drag him to a Yin yoga class tonight, but a dozen bananas are where he draws the line.

Originally, I had started this blog to share what the kitchen skills Will was teaching me over the course of a year. At the beginning, I was pretty much unable to cut anything “properly” or make a pot of pasta without freaking out that I was doing it wrong. However, in the last nine months, I have “mastered” some of these skills and not necessarily shared that on here. Instead, I have discovered this is a great way for Will and I to document the recipes we try and enjoy, and to share with our friends and family along the way. Our kitchen has turned from a place where Will cooks and I bake, exclusively, to a shared space where we enjoy creating food together. Thus, why it was time to change the name of the blog, with the hope that we will continue to experiment in our kitchen, together, and to share that with everyone else “out there” in cyberspace beyond the year 2012.

We’ll be out of town for the next week, so there will not be any new cooking blog posts. See you when we get back!

No recipe, just wanted to share a shot of our delicious brunch of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and peanut butter cinnamon toast on English muffins 🙂



Soooo the semester definitely started and got CRAZY in the last month. But never fear, Will has been teaching me how to cook (as well as starting to teach me how to speak Arabic)! I’m going to add some photos of things we’ve made over the past few weeks and I’ll separate them out by adventure. Not only has Will been teaching me how to cook things, I’ve been showing him how I whip up some exciting baked goods, in the oven (most recipes now courtesy of Pinterest).

Sadly, I’ve realized I have not been keeping track of all the delicious things we’ve eaten the last few weeks, but hopefully we’ll be making those recipes again soon so I can share them with my oh-so-large community of bloggers (aka, just my mom).

And for the most part, our latest recipes have come from either Budget Bytes or Pinterest. I swear Will might marry the woman who created Budget Bytes if he ever met her, because her recipes are genius!! He promises me though that if he ever met her, it would never work because that’d be too many cooks in the kitchen! Hah!

Sooo grab a drink and take a peek inside our kitchen. And despite a very full semester, I plan to be better about updating this because let’s face it. Will’s a damn good cook and the world needs to see that.