One of our favorite ways to enjoy travel is through food.

No matter where we go, trying new and creative foods is the best way to learn about a culture and a place. Mealtime often opens up stories and a history behind the place you are visiting. No matter our preferences in our home kitchen (currently vegetarian), when we travel we drop all hesitation and dive right in. We have tried crazy foods that you didn’t even know you could eat (fish cheek and ostrich pie, to name a few) and learned so much about different cultures through food.

We also love to take weekend trips as well as camp, which equally open up new cooking opportunities to us. When we travel, no matter how near or far, we bring a piece of it home with us. Some of our favorite recipes have resulted in something we picked up while away. Camping too, also gives Will the opportunity to get creative with making gourmet dishes while away from home. This section of the blog is to help us share some of those “on the road” experiences to help you expand your thinking about food.

Weekends away. In the woods. Overseas. Always cooking.


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