There’s no such thing as a dumb question.

And we welcome them here at CWW. Below we’ve included some of our more frequently-asked questions and will continue to add to them, as you continue to ask!

Is what you do okay? Aren’t you just stealing other peoples recipes?

More or less, yes, what we do IS okay. We alwaysalwaysalways attribute where a non-original recipe comes from. The point of our blog has never been to create entirely original content; there are already plenty of people out there creating “new” content and we aren’t trying to be another hat in that ring. What we aim to do is scour the web (and our cookbooks) and stay on top of new recipe opportunities, then share them with our readers. We try to include recipes that we both love and those that we aren’t so jazzed about. We try to keep our content interesting and aim to bring a variety of recipes to the table, particularly focusing on global foods as much as possible. For every recipe we share, we always list what we’ve changed/altered under “Cooking Notes,” we acknowledge the original source in the title of the recipe, and we rewrite the entire recipe in our own voice. We never ever copy recipes directly from a website and absolutely do not copy pictures. And often, that’s all people ask that you don’t do.

Can I substitute _____ ingredient if I don’t like ____?

Whooooooo boy, we get asked questions like this a lot! In short, yes! Change whatever you like if you don’t like something we have in a recipe! Probably the #1 offender we use that people hate is cilantro. If you hate cilantro, don’t use it! It will make the recipe taste a little different, sure, but if that means you’ll try it and possibly like it, then go for it!* We also recommend that if you’re not sure of how we’ve made a recipe and want to see other options, check out the original recipe. More often than not, the original source will have suggestions (or have different ingredients than we ultimately chose to use) or a longer comment train where other readers make suggestions or share their experiences. There are always options for you! *Depending on the recipe, sometimes you can substitute parsley, but that’s your own choice as an independent adult!

Are you vegetarians? It’s hard to tell.

Before I was a vegetarian, people often assumed I was. I love animals and practice yoga and those are often tell-tale signs of a vegetarian “type.” I have recently decided to make the transition to become a vegetarian for a whole slew of reasons and am doing pretty well so far. Will has kindly agreed to keep our kitchen veggie-friendly (with an occasional fish dish, though that may ultimately change too), though he is not choosing to be a vegetarian through-and-through. The first 3 1/2 years of this blog were not vegetarian-based, though often because of budget constraints, include lots of vegetarian-friendly recipes. So long-term readers might notice a shift, though Will is trying to balance by including some meat dishes in our arsenal and we plan to both the “veggie” and “meat” versions side by side. The only instances where I abandon being a vegetarian entirely is when we travel – you learn so much about a culture through food and asking people to make special exceptions that may impact your opportunity to grow and learn, is something I strive not to do. Does it bother me ethically? Yes. But would I be more upset if I offended someones culture by not participating? Yes.

You talk about your cats a lot. Are they really that great?

Yes, absolutely, they’re the best and we love them to pieces.

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