The internet is a vast and curious place.

And that’s why we love it. There is an endless supply of recipes and food bloggers out there and we appreciate that you’ve chosen to visit our site. With that being said, we are collectors and creators of recipes, so we want to acknowledge the many blogs/websites we use most often for recipe inspiration:

The Kitchn – Will’s favorite resource for all things cooking-related, including tips, tricks, and recipes.

Pinch of Yum – Not only a fabulous recipe curator, but an incredibly inspirational blogger who has an endless supply of resources on her site about blog creation and growth.

Budget Bytes – Probably the #1 inspiration for the creation of CWW and easily our go-to blogger for our first few years of kitchen experimentation.

Sally’s Baking Addiction – Easily Megan’s favorite baking website and incredibly engaging blogger. Another East Coaster!

Dirty Gourmet – One of our newest discoveries, but easily the best go-to for camping recipes that aren’t just hot dogs and PB&J.

Buzzfeed – Betcha weren’t expecting this one. However, Buzzfeed has been an incredible source of recipe suggestions and has opened our eyes to new blogs that you might start seeing pop up on our site more and more.

There are other bloggers that we are starting to add to our resources and we will continue to update as we find new favorites to share with you!

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